i'm barely active on here anymore but i come back to see that i've hit 5k ?? that's insane but THANK YOU SM !! welcome to my page even tho it's really dead lmao.

anyway, i stopped by here and did a little cleanup of past boards and deleted one of my articles (the one with the most hearts too T__T) bc i'm considering redoing my acc and updating it a bit... that is, if i actually still have the motivation to do so. my aesthetic has definitely changed over the past yr that i've been gone so yeah, there's that. not sure if i'll be really active on here again or not and i'm honestly surprised that i still have mutuals that haven't unfollowed me yet (ily) but we'll see. that being said,, if anyone cares, i'm slightly more active on insta @/j.iyenn if you're interested. ok. i kinda just went on a whole tangent here but yeah, HI i'm kinda back. to my mutuals, old and new, hey ily and thanks for sticking with me <33