A season

"Summertime and the livin' is easy"
girl, sky, and aesthetic image summer, girl, and style image beach, sea, and ocean image friends, girl, and summer image beach, boy, and summer image beach, girl, and photography image

A time of the day

girl, sky, and clouds image sky, shoes, and sunset image sky, aesthetic, and orange image sunset, nature, and window image
Of course sunset

A city

city, night, and light image
Temporarily removed autumn, city, and new york image
New York

A country

You may have the universe if I may have Italy
—Giuseppe Verdi
country, fun, and landscape image Temporarily removed Image by Arianna travel, italy, and venice image ancient, architecture, and art image Image by danielaguerrerogro

An item of clothes

dress, glitter, and inspiration image dress, princess, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dress, fashion, and beauty image
A dress

An accessory

aesthetic, theme, and jewelry image heart, necklace, and gold image
A heart locket necklace

A color

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pink, aesthetic, and silk image balloons image

A feeling

beach, girls, and goals image beach, girl, and sea image
bedroom, peace, and poems image

A gemstone

diamonds and fashion image engagement ring for her, lilyclare, and engaged image
A diamond

A flower

пионы, листья, and букет image bouquet, flower, and flowers image

A make up product

lips, makeup, and pink image makeup, pink, and lipstick image
Lip gloss

An element

green, nature, and love image flowers, aesthetic, and daisy image
gif, nature, and peaceful image

A part of nature

Temporarily removed stars, wallpaper, and blue image
happiness, light, and quotes image

A natural phenomenon

aesthetic and girl image girl, car, and hair image Image removed Image removed

A place

Image removed beach, brunette, and girls image beach, sunset, and nature image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

A dessert

sweet, tea, and cake image food, cake, and baking image
Angel food cake

A language

quotes, motivation, and love image frase, frases, and inspiracion image
English and spanish

A scent

aesthetic, bloom, and floral image
bath and body works, lotion, and japanese cherry blossom image bbw, beauty, and cherry blossom image
Japanese cherry blossom lotions and perfumes

I hope you enjoyed 💘
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— Issabella