So they just put all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies on Disney +, and like anyone else I decided to binge them all. It had me thinking that Rodrick needs a girlfriend. So here's my oc for the Diary of The Wimpy Kid franchise.

Here we go...

Name: Becca Rodriguez
Age: 17


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brown eyes, brown hair, 5'7


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at first. pretty and polished.
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after dating Rodrick


Becca was born and raised in the same town as the Heffleys. Becca always went to the same school as Rodrick. Since middle school, she's had the biggest crush on him. But it wasn't until their senior year when he noticed her. Or when Greg made him notice her.
On his first day of high school, Greg bumped into Becca in the hall and saw that she had dropped her notebook with Rodrick's name and Loded Diaper written all over it.
Greg thought it would be a good idea if he set Becca up with his brother, hoping that Rodrick would stop being a jerk to him.
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shy but becomes more confident, kind, and talented
Dating Rodrick wasn't easy. Their relationship came in between Loded Diaper, and Rodrick's band was not happy about it. They threatened to kick him out of the band if he stayed with Becca. While Becca tried every bit to please her father. She made Rodrick dress and act a certain way when he was around. Also, the Heffleys liked her a lot. So much so that their expectations for Rodrick raised significantly. So after a while, the pressure was too much and Rodrick dumped her.


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singing is her passion. Her dad makes her do school and church chorus. But her main passion is to become a real singer one day. Music is what her and Rodrick have in common.
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Becca and Rodrick end up getting back together, when the lead singer of Loded Diaper quits the band and Rodrick begs Becca to help them the night of prom.