welcome to the second day of the ’30 days writing challenge’! today i will share with you a list of things that make me happy, those that make me have a smile on my face everytime i need them.

🌻 day ii: make a list of five things that make you happy.

  • books
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i grew up reading and listening stories from the pages of the books since i have memory, they were my escape -until this day. books always bring me joy, i love reading the plots, getting to know the characters and have the chance to imagine a different world.
  • family time
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i’m really close to my family and i couldn’t imagine my life without them. of course we have our rough times, but i think that because of them we appreciate more the good times: the board games, karaoke, the paintings and, just doing stupid things.
  • music
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my all time companion. music is -in many ways- the reason why i survived all this years. it goes beyond a melody or a lyric, is almost like a time machine, the kind that with just seconds can take me back to old good and bad times.
  • knowledge
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in my whole life, the feeling of not being enough or being just a shadow in the things i love haunted me until this day. one day, i decided to change that and learn. i know i will never be the best in what i do -there will always be someone better than myself- but at least i can try and give my 100%. that’s why to learn -literally everything- makes me happy, that feeling of being better and proving myself, it’s incredible.
  • coffe and food
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i don’t like cooking, but eating brings so much joy to me. am i the only one? and, you know, to watch a sunset with an exquisite vanilla coffee - oh my god! the best.

thank you for reading!
and to all of you who are staying at home and keeping everyone safe, i just want to say thank you and please remember to stay healthy, bring positivity, and be kind.

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