Hi cuties, I’m back!

A few weeks ago, even before my last article called “|18| eighteen” I’ve had very stressful days that made me want to stay in bed all day. Due to this lack of energy I could take it as an opportunity to think of ideas for future articles. So after these eternal days I’m here to talk about unexpected situations I’ve been into while slowly getting out of my comfort zone.

Getting out of my safe bubble personally took me a long time but which step by step built the person I am today right now, working hard on myself because I knew that my persona deserved to be happy and live its life to the fullest as is yours as well. If we get to know about our minds, you’d be amazed by how powerful it is, seriously our brains are influential in everything about us and our surrounding.

It’s easy to lose heart when the chip in our head receive constantly negative energy, but remember you’re immensely strong & capable to make it positive.

So as I said, here are some experiences that became magical memories and motivation to keep me going further than my comfort zone limits.

Film a movie

When being in my third year of high school I decided to follow “media orientation” and graduate two years later with knowledge about the world of media . So in my last year we had an enormous project which was filming a movie in a professional way. Two groups only and each one a movie to recreate; I choose to be in charge of make-up and costumes at the beginning because I wasn’t really into acting. However, after already being a month filming the director quit and so someone had to take its place.

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No one wanted to have such a responsibility like that so there wasn’t a director for a week and as a consequence the film had to stop. Thus, after thinking how marvelous the result would have turned I communicate with my partners and end up being the director for the rest four months until it was released. Honestly, it’s one of the best memories I have from school and definitely help me to choose a career.

Audition in a talent show

If I had to choose which decision was the most difficult to take, It would be this one. Even though I’m an extrovert person my stage fright raised to the top when the judges called my name. But to understand how on earth I ended up auditioning, we have to know the beginning of the story. Well, since I live in a small town this show is surprisingly popular because outstanding artists have been discovered in the last five years and also if you win there is a high chance to record a song of your own or record a cover in a real studio.
In 2018 I really wanted to participate because I’ve always been a huge fan of singing and deeply believe in what I’m passionate because I love it. But anxiety told me ”you want them to laugh at you, remember that is a small town” so I forget about it. I also remember crying that night questioning why I didn’t paid attention to my intuition because seriously I really wanted to sing there. And that exact memory came to my mind when I saw the poster at my school. I used to live far from school so I had time to have a slow walk while overthinking about participating or not which was extremely painful and wrong. After that I call my best friend to tell her the new and one thing that she told made a click in my head.

If you keep hiding from people, no one will ever listen to your stunning voice. Do not waste this opportunity or I’ll punch you. You get it?
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I guess this was the main reason I auditionate, I truly believed I could stand on stage and sing. I did, obviously I freak out but I was able to control my emotions and feel so happy in that precise moment, enjoying every single detail was an overwhelming feeling.
I couldn’t make it to the next level but I learned that I’m able to overcome any obstacles when I believe in myself and that through this experience I made a friend who result in teaching me far more about music than I already knew.

Become an interviewer

While gaining these experiences I realised that I was far more better at controlling my thoughts and nerves when talking. So after being a little bit more comfortable with my surrounding and getting used to these kind of situations, this offer came from my media professor who made me know how much I had progressed in my confidence during the film shooting.

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As I said before, talking to people that I slightly know made me feel uncomfortable because of overthinking too much and making inexistent situations. Ergo to improve and strengthen this confidence I accepted. What brought to me accepting this offer? Curiously I was able to participate in three documentaries, work in the radio team of my school, lead me to interview big characters of my town and helped me to progress in my English while talking to foreign tourists.

Photographer of projects

Taking part in charity projects always caught my eye for the simple reason that I find it such an interesting, unique and precious way to bring to the surface our natural sense of being gentle and humble with the other besides us. In my opinion, humanity is one aspect of humans that slowly is being hide because of a variety of reasons. Therefore, when the headteacher came to the classroom of media orientation to propose this idea of taking pictures and making a video of the whole project, my introvert side was fighting to stay in my place and be quite.

However, a strong feeling on my chest which I took it as a sign to follow my intuition if not a heart attack, told me to raise my hand to at least put my name in the draw. Hopefully, two classmates and I were chosen to take this responsibility, that day the universe was by my side.

vogue première image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚

When the day came and we arrived to the school (us three photographers, professors and the other two grades of fifth year), I felt tearful to see how many little kids were waiting for us to arrive and help them make their school be a better place to study by fixing the desks, chairs, their playground, giving them toys and school supplies, etc. It’s a feeling i cannot explain at all but when looking at their bright smiles being happy with the toys, playground and the whole institute, instantly I felt a warm hug of zero regrets in choosing taking part in the activity.
I learned that if we bravely put us in such situations with purposes like this one, incredible changes came to other people’s life in which definitely will be a motivation to voluntarily go beyond our limits because you teach and learn at same time.

Film documentaries

At the beginning of last year in my comunication class we were in charge of filming a documentary about the magnificent nature of the town I live. Previously our professor made us watch almost ten documentaries to study them and take notes about aspects we believed that would be interesting to include. One of the most highlighted features was the voice-over and the impact of having a character narrating. Thereupon, when trying to choose a person to do it I raised my hand, why? I’m still trying to figure it out because in that moment in my mind the only option was to be in charge of the script.

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Nonetheless, that single move made me the director of the documentary. Honestly, accepting to be the responsible of the recording opened my eyes to wonderful landscapes and friendships of which I’m still in touch! Discovered new places where our team’s recording days will be forever there. When going through my memories I still feel that happiness, our complaints and even the satisfaction of having finished something that took you long weeks and effort which at the end ended up being one of the best projects you have ever done.

Because of these experiences today I can rely on myself, rethink my decisions and feel proud of even the smallest victory I have. Sometimes it might be hard to see an exit door to lead you to new adventures, to be a little bit curious and trust in yourself. But when you start working on yourself because you are the only one who has the power to take you out from where you are, it's wonderful. If it’s not you, then who?

Work on your persona first and when you feel that power when thinking of yourself, then be bold and go for those adventures which are right now waiting for you.

Hope you have enjoyed it!
Thank you and see you in the next article <3

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