1. You both laugh about the most weirdest/smallest things

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Yes, the inside jokes are the best ones. You feel each other on a different level.
"Remember that time when you...?"

2. Lazy time together

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Always going out? Not this time! You enjoy being with your partner, whether y'all lying on the sofa with a nice drink, or just cuddle in bed. A lazy day is one of the best days you can have.

3. One touch

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Sometimes we all need some lovely, warm soft touch from that one person, your partner. Even if it's the smallest gesture: You feel loved, wanted and important. A touch can sometimes say more than words.

4. Being yourself

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You may feel so comfortable now that you're dating a longer time, or already feel comfortable at the first date, it shows off. Everyone has each own weird(?) habits. The beautiful thing about it, is that your partner thinks it's absolutely normal, or does it him or herself too. He/she accepts who you are. And you do about him/her. The most important part.

5. Signs are recognizable

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Sometimes you don't want to disappoint your partner, and want the best for him/her. It's "What you give is what you get." That's totally normal. But we all know when your partner, or you isn't really satisfied with something. You can feel it, see it. Is there something hard to talk about? Your partner feels and knows your energy and comforts you about it.

[🥰We are at the end. I'd like to make more articles like this in the future. I hope y'all could find yourself in this as well, and liked to read it 😊😊]