day two: create a 10 song playlist

🌙 1. august - taylor swift

dress, aesthetic, and book image food, wine, and bread image

🌙 2. the bones - maren morris ft. hozier

aesthetic, feed, and moodboard image flowers, aesthetic, and tumblr image

🌙 3. chew on my heart - james bay

aesthetic, pink, and flowers image aesthetic, dress, and cottagecore image

🌙 4. scotland - the lumineers

Image removed caravan parks scotland image

🌙 5. seven - taylor swift

aesthetic, nature, and garden image nature, forest, and garden image

🌙 6. truly madly deeply - one direction

couple, hands, and nature image flowers, green, and nature image

🌙 7. hunger - florence + the machine

aesthetic, beautiful, and museum image nature, aesthetic, and green image

🌙 8. just like honey - the jesus and mary chain

fox and animal image autumn, bed, and sleep image

🌙 9. finally//beautiful stranger - halsey

girl, flowers, and model image nature, forest, and tree image

🌙 10. peace - taylor swift

beautiful places, travelling, and vacation image comfortable, Relationship, and love image