I've started going to the gym this year, but I still workout at home as well. Because of quarantine, there are now even more home workouts available. In this article I will share some of my favourite fitness Youtubers and summarize what is their content about.
+ They have lots of workout videos on Instagram as well.
It's importand to add that I don't agree with everything they said or did and if you have body image issues or history with ed, you should avoid some of them. Fitness culture can unfortunately be toxic and there aren't that many people who create completly safe space.

1. Natacha Océane

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best if you are looking for fun content, science based videos, info about lifting and training or home HIIT workouts

2. Chloe Ting

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she provides lots of home workouts focused on abs, glutes and whole body (HIIT, workouts with resistance bands or weights, mostly without equipment)

3. Jeremy Ethier

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Jeremy has very informative science based videos. He provides info about form, building muscle, correction exercises, nutrition and so on.

4. Magnus Midtbø

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climbing techniques, fun vlogs with his girlfriend Marte, challenges

5. Megsquats

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videos about beginner lifting tips, home exercises for building strength, mistakes to avoid

6. Pamela Reif

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home exercises without equipment or with resistance bands, lots of ab, glutes and cardio workouts


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calisthenics, whole body exercises, cardio

8. Whitney Simmnons

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vlogs, home and gym workouts, monthly favourites

9. Athlean-X

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science based videos, tips for better form and muscle building, mostly exercises with weights, correction exercises, posture fixes

10. Bailey Brown

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short home workouts focused on abs and legs

11. MadFit

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fun dance workouts and short song workouts, exercises with weights, quick but effective

12. Blogilates

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pilates, home workouts (core, glutes), stretching, dance workouts

13. Emi Wong

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great ab workouts, HIIT, stretching and more

14. Jeff Nipard and Stephanie Buttermore

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both of them have science based content focused on building muscle, gym tips, full body workouts

Thank you for reading my article and have a nice day.
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