Hey guys! Today I bring a new article inspired in the trends from this period.

Beauty is subjective, following the latest trends doesn't make you prettier, just trendy.
Everyone has its own beauty displayed in their own way!♡

- short suit

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Claire Rose rocks everything, but I adore these ones. You can style them with everything.

- neon colours

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Different ways to combine them, there is not one colour to choose. Also tropical patterns in this style. Remember Jlo's green tropical dress?

- white dresses

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Perfect for summer evenings!

- 70's vibes, mostly coats.

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Trench coats are fire right now! As well as almost every 70's inspired piece.

- denim

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- shirts shirts shirts!

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You have many different options! They go with everything Look out for creative patterns or just plain cute ones.

That's all for today! Xx
Paula ♥

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