Hey loves,
So today I decided to do something a little different, judt for fun aka I´ll put some ways you could spend your day & a playlist I thought could match the vibe of these activities. So go ahead and pic a scenario and give your playlist a try, I hope you´ll like it.

Also some disclamers: First of all, I don´t own those pics and all credits go to the owners and secondly i don´t support drug use, gambling and mental illness.

PLAYLIST 1: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5R8fqI9fHwDAp0UIgIPjQs?si=gZY0knsXRH-zdIdSDrwBwQ

hello kitty and pink image hello kitty, aesthetic, and indie image Image removed aesthetic, archive, and blurry image aesthetic, monster, and hello kitty image aesthetic, summer, and book image
Going downtown with your friends, skating, thrifting, drinking monster & watching tik toks

PLAYLIST 2: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7yFEp9GbnTgdS2A6PvFep7?si=wVCWr3InQ0K5ysKGpQWu3A

aesthetic, strawberry, and food image aesthetic, picnic, and green image aesthetic, childhood, and pink image bunnies, flowers, and bunny image Image by Private User dress, aesthetic, and princess image
Having a picnic all alone, thinking, crying because life is hard, watching the sunset, reading and eating the cake you made

PLAYLIST 3: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0GwyLsA4sRvDWxYdaGaGqe?si=ecAO7T3uRImG7yaluaFgCQ

couple, vintage, and black and white image 50s, aesthetic, and icon image audrey hepburn, black and white, and vintage image 50s, 60s, and aesthetic image aesthetics, beautiful, and vogue image love, couple, and vintage image
Living the vintage aesthetic with your boy/girlfriend, hitting the road in his mustang, making out, smoking & sleeping over at a motel

PLAYLIST 4: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1feulJGaB08uglVqQA0oE7?si=d_aUi4mhRK6PNxyV1VB9Lw

red, girl, and light image red image red, makeup, and eyes image aesthetic, wine, and red image cartoon, aesthetic, and red image red, lips, and aesthetic image
going to a casiono with friends, having intellectual conversation with strangers, losing money, seducing someone

PLAYLIST 5: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2RyjvFPcPFoF2w3pSje7bG?si=8UFttztyQnq3DEM2QOkEaA

grunge, dark, and aesthetic image eye and sad image grimes and music image icon, aesthetic, and imvu image background, black and white, and planet image blue, japan, and kawaii image
Staying home all day, witchcraft, watching Science-fiction movies & anime, dreaming about space, playing video games and feeling abandonned

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