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I’ve been reading a lot about mythology lately, and I’ve discovered a lot of creatures I’ve never heard of, and I thought you might like to know about them.

Let’s get started!


1- Vetala:

The "Vetala" are spectral creatures or demons of Hindu mythology, they possess bodies of deceased people to move from one side to the other and manipulate living people at will. They’re basically like Indian zombies, only they don’t consume human flesh.
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2- Buer:

He is described as "The Great Chief of Hell" who leads fifty legions of demons, according to the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, a book that compiles the chilling demonic mythical creatures of the 16th century. This demon that appears when the sun is in Sagittarius, is described as a terrifying lion-headed creature with four goat legs with which he walks in all possible directions.
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3- Belfegor:

Belfegor is one of the seven princes of the Underworld. He is credited with the ability to seduce the greedy, offering them unique inventions under the promise that they will bestow wealth upon them. Once they fall into their nets, it takes over their souls. Belfegor is part of Western demonology and is illustrated as a horrifying creature with horns and abominable appearance.
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4- Asag:

So terrifying that whoever submitted to his presence, might rise from fear to death, so they referred to him in ancient Sumerian religion, which states that in battles, Asag was accompanied by his sons, an army of stone demons, begotten by their union with the mountain.
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5- Dybbuk:

Of the mythical little-known creatures, we find Dybbuk, a vile spirit that settles in the human body until consuming the last breath of life. In the 20th century, it became popular with the play by S. Ansky Dibuk, in which he relates how a young bride is possessed by this demon.
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6- Ghoul:

If you’ve read The Thousand and One Nights, surely this name is familiar to you. In fact, it was in this book that they first mentioned it. He is described in the ancient Arabian religion as a living dead man who frequently visits cemeteries to feed on the recently deceased.
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7- Súcubo:

This demon takes the form of an irresistible woman to take possession of dreams and star in the most lustful fantasies of men. In medieval legends they say that the Succubus, with his charms, seduced and raped them. When they woke up, there was not a day when they did not remember the meeting. Their favorite victims were teenagers and monks.
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8- Baraqiel:

In the book of Enoch, Baraqiel is mentioned as the ninth watchman of the twenty leaders of the two hundred fallen angels. "God’s ray", as its name translates, taught men about astrology before becoming a fallen angel.
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9- Hundun:

From Chinese mythology we extract Hundun, a faceless demon who fosters chaos in Chinese cosmogony. Interestingly, tradition states that it existed from ancient times, before "heaven and earth separated with the Big Bang."
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10- Lemures:

It’s not about those funny-eyed little animals. The Lemurs, in the ancient Roman religion, were souls in pain, plagued by malignancy for not being properly buried. It is said that they roam the world of the living seeking to frighten them with their disturbing appearance, as a way of revenge. Lemurs were often associated with the Greek creature Lamia, because her name derives from her.
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That’s it, I hope you really liked it. See you soon!

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