This year I have experimented more with makeup and I wanted to do even more. During quarantine whenever life got a bit tougher and I had things to do but no motivation to do so, I turned to makeup. It was really relaxing (except when I could not do my liner correctly) and a confidence booster.
Today I will be showing you some makeup looks I wanted to try and some that I did try, hope you like this article and hope you get some inspiration :)

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› Colorful eyeliners scream summer, they look beautiful and add some color to your look, in order to get a sharp wing you can use tape, depending on the color of the liner and the way you like your makeup you can do a kind off matching lip like the second picture or a glossy lip whatever feels right to you.
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› I love colorful lids and whenever I'm trying to do my makeup I want to add a pop of color on my eyelids and a simpler lip depending on the look, as you can see in the pictures.

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› These looks are so summery and just art on your face.
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› You can play around with liner and make cool designs, have fun with it, it might be harder to do but by practicing you can make it.

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› Lip colors inspo.

These are some of the looks I really like and would like to try once in a while, you can tell I am more focused on the eyes, I love me some good eye looks and especially with the graphic liners and everything. Hope you like them too and if you do let me know by hearting the article 🎔

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Until next time stay safe and weird :)