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♥ At the end you'll read how to return to God in practical ways! ♥

Dear Beautiful You,

Did God send this coronavirus?
Did the devil send it?
Or did we do this to ourselves?

You can answer these questions with the knowledge that you have, but everyone will answer these questions differently. And I think these questions aren't the most important.

What I'm concerned about is what we do with this period of time. Do we get closer to God or further away from Him?

God loves you so much. But, do you even SEE it?
Do you see that He is with you?

faith image

He never left you nor did He forsake you. Even though you lost your comfortable lifestyle. Is it even that bad? Because the most important thing didn't change: the fact that God send His only Son to die for your sins so you can live with Him if you believe in Him!

What You Need To Do

First you need to REPENT of your sins before you can RETURN to Him.

Practical Tip

Turn back to Him! You can find practical tip 1 and 2 here:

♥ Tip 3: Keep turning back to your Maker.
♥ For example ♥ (1) Turn on worship music. (2) Keep opening your Bible and read in it. Just start with one verse if it's hard for you to start. (3) Remember the things that fulfilled you with grattitude. (4) It's good to stop running sometimes. Do nothing for a while. *Turn off your phone*/laptop, sit down, write down your thoughts and when your head is empty, just stare into space. You can memorize a Bible verse, think about one or literally do nothing. (5) Go for a walk with Him outside. (6) Write in your in your prayer journal. Keep praying for people with risks or bad health or people who got sick. But most of all, pray that they will turn back to God from the sickness of our sin.

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Is it really THIS simple? Yes. Turning back to God means to take a step closer to Him.

Feel free to send me a message or a question about God!

God bless!