Hi lovelies, I hope you are doing well 😊

Today I will be sharing with you some great advantages of the reserved personality. But before I start, I want to clarify the difference between shy and reserved.

A shy person is someone who finds it hard to put him/herself out there and talking to others.

A reserved person is someone does not find it hard to talk to others, they just keep their thoughts to themselves and do not enjoy talking much.

Now I wanted to tell the difference because I find that usually people use the two terms interchangeably while there is a fine difference between the two. I myself am shy and reserved, sometimes I feel uncomfortable around people, so I end up being silent. But other times, when I am around my loved ones, I feel safe and happy but still do not talk much, just enjoy listening to the conversations. Yes, sometimes I get asked ‘why are you quiet?’ ‘why don’t you talk?’ which made me believe that there is something wrong with me, but now I know that me being reserved is not wrong, all along I just needed to work on my shyness that limited me from enjoying life.

And that is why I want to talk about the benefits of being a reserved person.

1. Great Observers

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Being the quiet one in the group definitely gives a chance to listen and observe the other participants in the conversation which makes them sensitive to the mood changes. And this makes it easier for them to lift the mood for example or keep it under control. For instance, let’s say you notice a friend trying to talk but keeps getting ignored, you can be the one who listens to her or him and give them the attention they need, also you can be the one who lets the other participants to listen to that friend.

2. Great Listeners

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Reserved people tend to be great listeners. They listen attentively to other people and rarely interrupt them by talking about themselves which makes them better at understanding others. In addition, their loved ones can confide in them if they need some advice or support.

3. Good at taking care of themselves and others

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Reserved people know when to talk and when not, and when to seek attention and when not, and this makes them good at carrying themselves. To clarify, the observation and self-awareness skills reserved people possess makes it easier for themselves to handle their own matters. Of course, this does not mean they do not ask for help when needed, but they tend to be good at solving their own problems for example. The same applies to their skills of taking care of others. They know when to step in and help their loved ones, when to listen, when to give advice and when to support.

4. Mysterious

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And finally reserved have this air of mystery that makes them attractive. Since they do not talk often, especially about themselves, they make people curious about them and their thoughts, which is what I have noticed people find attractive.

So, to my fellow reserved people I want to tell you to be proud of your calm nature and to remember that you have a lot of amazing features to show.

Thank you for reading.

Until the next article I am sending your way warm hugs </3