In this modern world
that was built
so that everything would function more smoothly
everyone is so connected
but it's so hard to find a warm hand to hold
on a cold night

I feel so out of place
every sunny day
every rainy evening

I feel nostalgic
missing a place I've never visited
missing a place that's warmer
where love isn't so hard to find
where it isn't all about me
and the things I own

I just want to leave
say goodbye to the kings
who are the puppets
of their own egos
No more showing off,
hiding our weaknesses
behind a play we live in the service of

I wish to be in a place
where we lead those
who are lost
where we listen to the broken
and grab the hands
of the lonely

'Cause this world I'm in right now
is not a home at all
Everyone is too busy looking in the mirror
shackled by everything
they think they need so badly

I'm going to leave tomorrow
and I hope you'll pack your bags too
this place we grew up in, despite its best efforts
just won't do.