Some of my favorite scary movies ( 5 )

Detention 2011
93 Min terror/comedia

boy, Hot, and josh image Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, movie, and josh hutcherson image detention, gif, and 2011 image
there's time travel, a love story, aliens, funny and cool / viajes en el tiempo, una historia de amor, extraterrestres y divertida

The babysitter
1h 25 min terror/comedia 2017 Netflix

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dance, red, and gif image
Many references to other movies, rituals, aesthetic / tiene chistes con referencias a otras peliculas y un ritual

Ready or not
1h 35min Terror/Suspenso 2019

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Se acaba de casar pero la familia tiene un ritual satanico, la tienen que matar para no morir / She just got married but the family has a satanic ritual, they have to kill her to not die

House of wax
1h 53m Terror 2005

chad michael murray, gif, and quote image terror image cinematography and terror image gif image
is about a ghost town but theres people, but then they realize that EVERYTHING is made of wax / hay pueblo abandonado pero hay personas, luego se dan cuenta que TODO esta hecho de cera

Happy death day 1 & 2
Terror/Comedia ‧ 1h 36m 2017 - 19

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a girl enters to a loop, where she dies and restarts the day/ una chica entra en un bucle, donde muere y se reinicia el dia
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