This is an updated version of my Spotify playlist called chilllll . Here, I'll put 5 'highlights' of this playlist. Give these songs a listen and if you like them, you can click on the link at the end of the article to go to the full Spotify playlist.
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Silence - Before You Exit

love, couple, and shadow image
Don't overthink how we started Knew from the second you walked in This could be something

Breathe, Be Happy - Tep No

Image by ᴿᵘᵗᵃ ₂₀ hands image
I want you to breathe with me And be happy Where will we go? All the sad songs will leave us

8TEEN - Khalid

boy, friends, and house image green, nature, and photography image friends, boy, and photo image boy, korean, and asian image
I've never fell in love I've saved those feelings for you So let's do all the stupid shit that young kids do

Robbers - The 1975

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I'll give you one more time We'll give you one more fight Said, one more lie Will I know you?

Imagination - Foster The People

Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I see us dancing by ourselves We do it better with no one around, yeah Just you in my imagination

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