Here are a few of my favorite sad indiepop songs. Sad songs always don't have to be slow. I've chosen songs in this playlist based on production and lyrics. Hope you enjoy!

Regular, Shalmali Kholgade

city, black, and light image hollywood, aesthetic, and black and white image accessories, black and white, and eye image aesthetic, look, and black and white image
honestly, i'd rather he fight with me than agree with everything i say

Fight and Fuck, Terror Jr

euphoria, zendaya, and drugs image cry, sad, and room image aesthetic, girl, and purple image aesthetic, mirror, and pink image
it can't be good for us if all we do is fight and fuck

but i love you, Young Saab & Chloe Lilac

art, aesthetic, and painting image Image removed aesthetic, eyes, and eye image aesthetic, flowers, and shadow image
you're the only thing that i care if i lose. don't know if i'm in love but i love you

Screen (bedroom session), Taylor Buono

anime, bandage, and hand image boy, aesthetic, and sad image quotes, sad, and tumblr image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image
''i'm livin' through a screen. should probably delete my fake account and stop stalking my ex, but I just can't put it down

Love Like The Movies, BEXY

aesthetic, boy, and boyfriend image black, love, and quote image 1980 and aesthetic image couple, love, and aesthetic image
in love like the movies do. i don't want you to go but you're pushing me out

If You're Gonna Lie, FLETCHER

pink, cry, and sad image stay, orange, and quotes image gif, bart, and sad image quotes, aesthetic, and deep image
i like it when you hurt me 'cause you come over saying sorry. if you're gonna lie, at least do it in my bed

Liar, Lรฉon

quotes, aesthetic, and red image Image by MiCheam love, quotes, and smoke image quotes, red, and boy quotes image
screamed until i cried. why is she here tonight? are you playing, babe? does she know my name? tell my why she came. is she staying babe?

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