Hahaha hi! How are u? wish everyone are ok.

As I've told I speak spanish xD
I've already saw many articles about learn to speak languajes so, why not? Maybe the spanish isn't one of the most important languaje even if it's the fourth, according with wikipedia most spoken in the world.
I mean that por example, as a studient of internacional business I have to learn another languajes that help me in the future and maybe only the spanish isn't the best option.

So, if you're learning spanish or trying to do it, here are some daily phrases and words that you can use :) enjoy it!

1. (Yo, tú, él, ella, eso) rifa:

It's when someone or something is very cool, the greatest, it's awesome.

2. Chale:

When you feel sad about something. For example: i don't got a good mark, i can say, chale :c
Haha it isn't a bad word, only means sadness.

4. (Yo, tú, él, ella, eso) chilla:

It's a synonymous of crying (llorar)

3. Eres una concha:

It doesn't mean that you are a shell, no. It means that you're like one, only there, doing NOTHING.

(Yo, tú, él, ella) se hace pato:

You aren't doing like ducks haha, like the first you're only doing NOTHING, wasting time.

5. Amix:

It's appear in many memes haha. It's means friend :3 but in a cool way.

6. Neta:

Beyond of, really? it's a SERIOUSLY?! like, you really want to know something, the truth of something.

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I think that is enough, hope you enjoy reading it :3 and it had be usefull.
Maybe in another article we'll learn bad words jsjsjs, ok no.
Continue learning in this moment, i think it's the best we can do <3

Good nights and sweet dreams :3
A veces me gustaría hacer artículos completamente en español pero creo que en inglés pueden llegar a más personitas de we <3 it
El español es hermoso porque hay mil maneras de decir una sola cosa /u/

Sincelery, Liss

Here some songs you have to listen in spanish! Son unas joyitas <3




moar here c: