Mia "The queen"

girl, hair, and beauty image cigarette, aesthetic, and smoke image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image fashion, closet, and clothes image coffee, aesthetic, and photography image accessories, ears, and girly image

Simón "My little troublemaker"

boy, eyes, and handsome image pale, broken, and grunge image grunge, tumblr, and motorcycle image quotes and sarcasm image
grunge, theme, and roof image tattoo, boy, and cool image

Tomás "The antisocial"

boy, fade, and skin image ace image blue image tumblr image vintage, hands, and write image boy, coffee, and morning image

Better "The sweet boy"

Image by hæńńæh aesthetic, fashion, and clothes image pancakes, food, and breakfast image Image by tenderly Image by Private User flowers, aesthetic, and beige image

Zuki "The broken one"

robert sheehan image Image by SOPHIE boy, skeleton, and indie image smoke, cigarette, and aesthetic image cat, boy, and sleep image Image by JOUET.

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