Welcome to a new article made by me. As the title says, I'll say some of my favorite indie/alternative songs. Lately it happens to me that I can no longer connect with pop music. The indie genre, however, I love that style. I find it so unique with its melodies and themes. So if you are looking for something new to hear, my list is the next:

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running up that hill (placebo)

"there is thunder in our hearts."

breath of life (florence + the machine)

"I was looking for a breath of life
a little touch of heavenly light."

arsonist's lullaby (hozier)

"don't your ever tame your demons
but always keep 'em on a leash."

beautiful crime (tamer)

"each breath I left behind
each breath you take is mine."

watch your back (sam tinnezs)

"we're standing face to face with the hearts that turned to black."

into the darkness (the phantoms)

"into the darkness
we are one."

battle cry (imagine dragons)

"stars are only visible in darkness
fear is ever-changing and evolving."

stronger (the score)

"bet you didn't think that I'd come back to life,"

soldier (fleurie)

"quiet now, you're gonna wake the beast
hide your soul out of his reach."

bad dream (ruelle)

"won't you wake me up?
caught in a bad dream,"

That is all for now. I like to share the music I listen to, and if you liked it Or if you've heard them before this, you and me have something in common;)

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have a nice day!♡
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