Hey everyone!

I'd love to get to know some of my audience on here and talk to y'all! Unfortunately, though, I don't have access to dms on here so I got creative instead lol. I'm now opening up an opportunity for you guys to get in touch with me and collab!! I know that many of you may not have access to discord or gmail, but unfortunately that's the only way I'll be able to contact you guys.

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So here's what you can do for a collab...

1. Fill out this google form honestly: https://forms.gle/WjRNrH1A5VAJryY76

2. Please make sure you have writing experience on here!! In order for me to chose you for a collab I need to know if you already know how writing articles on here works.

3. Finally, I'm not sure when I'll pick you to collab. I'm planning on leaving this open forever in case anyone wants to collab in the future : ) So be sure to check your email or discord to see if I choose you.

If I don't chose you, I'm sorry I probably ran out of time to read your application or I maybe chose someone else for that collab.

Thanks for reading!!


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