Based on this that I did for my other glee oc (this is what quarantine has led me to)

Name: Ethan St. James

Age: He's around five years younger than his brother, Jesse


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He's got the same pretty boy genes as his brother, but don't let it fool you. This boy is sensitive and a big ole softie.


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Audition Song:

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Auditioning for Vocal Adrenaline is a whole process. Dance calls, and multiple call backs later, Ethan didn't just have one audition song. (Spoiler alert, kinda, not really) once he transfers to McKinley (because he has enough of Carmel's abuse) he auditions with a nice musical theater ballad (either She Used to Be Mine or Words Fail, I'm not sure. Both would suit him)


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Vocal Adenaline doesn't really do friends, everyone who wanted to get close to him just thought he was like his brother and wanted something. When he met OC, she was his first actual friend, so of course he fell in love with her.


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Doesn't really have an enemy, but Ethan does have some resentment to Vocal Adrenaline. He feels used by them, even after he gave them so much. The toxic environment leads him to transfer schools to escape it.

Love Interest:

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My other unnamed glee OC! A new friendship that quickly turned into a relationship after both of them realized they were crushing on each other big time. The purest and most drama free relationship out of the whole club.


- Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) - The Vamps (Duet w/ other OC)
- Words Fail - Dear Evan Hansen (Solo)
- She Used To Be Mine - Waitress (Solo)
- She's Not Afraid - One Direction (Solo)
- You Will Be Found - Dear Evan Hansen (Group Performance w/ New Directions)
- Hey Look Ma, I Made It - Panic! At The Disco (Group Performance w/ Vocal Adrenaline)

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