Hey, Lovelies! So, this will be the last Tv show tag for a while. I was going to inform you in the last article, but as of writing the last article, I was also planning on doing tags for The chilling adventures of Sabrina, and The umbrella academy. But I realized that I wanted to watch more of the series' to make a tag for them. Also, today's show is different than the one's I've done previously, so some of the questions/way I answer the questions may be different. Plus, there aren't many pictures of the show on WHI, so I won't include many. With that out of the way, let's start!


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Saturday Night Live

Favorite Male Cast Member

Beck Bennett

Favorite Female Character

Chloe Fineman

How did you find out about the show?

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Well, I always knew that it existed, but during quarantine, I noticed it on Hulu, and I decided to watch it

Honorable Mentions for favorite cast members

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Pete Davidson, Cecily Strong, Melissa Villasenor

Favorite Sketch

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The Del Taco Commercial and Riverdale Sketches

Iconic Sketches

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Like any Chad Sketch

Most Stylish Member

Probably Heidi Gardner

Underrated Cast Member

belleza, alfombra roja, and elegancia image
Melissa Villasenor and Beck Bennett

Overrated Cast Member

actress, beauty, and woman image
Kate McKinnon (I love her) but she is in like EVERY sketch


" Aw man, I'm all out of cash!"
- Adam Driver, Beck Bennett, and Kyle Mooney