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Today I bring you the 10th part of my 500 albums of 2020: number 226 to number 250! Half way done baby

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DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions, I don't mean to offend anyone or any artist. Everyone has a different taste in music so even if our opinions aren't the same, it's all good :)

250 out of 500 albums

”Built for blame, laced with shame” by Get Scared (8/10)

album, art, and get scared image band, music, and get scared image

I’ve been listening to Keep myself alive for so many years, and I’ve wanted to listen to the full album for a while now but I just never got the will to do it. I finally did it and I did overall enjoy it despite it not being one of the best albums I’ve heard

”The Bastards” by Palaye Royale (9/10)

the bastards, remington leith, and emerson barrett image emo image

The album was perfection but I couldn’t bring myself to rate it 10/10 and I have no idea why. It’s truly amazing, a huge recommendation. They're getting bigger and bigger and I'm so happy because they truly deserve it

”Suicide Season” by Bring Me The Horizon (8/10)

Abusive image Abusive image

Yes, I’m not done with them yet. I knew some of the songs like It was written in blood but I hadn’t heard the full thing yet. I did really like it but I wasn’t much in the mood for the hardcore vibe at the time I heard it

”Rage Against The Machine” by Rage Against The Machine (7/10)

album, band, and music image 90s, la, and Rage Against The Machine image

I love the message of the album, but some songs just didn’t really capture my attention as I wish they had. Still, it’s one of those albums you can’t live without listening

”DAMN.” by Kendrick Lamar (9/10)

album cover, damn, and music album image kendrick lamar image

I just don’t rate it a 10 because I’m not very keen on hip hop. That aside, it’s an amazing album, great message. I might hear other albums since some of my friends are huge fans and keep talking about him

”Graveyard Shift” by Motionless in White (9/10)

new album, metalcore, and graveyard shift image motionless in white image

I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I went through my whole emo phase without ever listening to them. I don’t know why but I just never did, and boy oh boy do I regret it. This album was sooo good, it ended and I just put it on shuffle and jammed even more. Better late than never

”Nothing Happens” by Wallows (6/10)

album, albums, and card image band, brown, and handsome image

It is all Tiktok’s fault. I couldn’t get Are you bored yet? out of my head so I just said screw it and heard the whole thing. It was nice but I’m not sure I’ll be listening to most songs a lot


album, bigbang, and kpop image daesung, top, and gdragon image

I’m turning over to the kpop’s side, they have won. A few years ago I heard some of their songs from this album and really liked them but I was a bit embarrassed to admit it because many people are the “ew kpop sucks” type, when it actually does not. I’d like to give this a higher rating but the non-kr versions weren’t really it for me

”The 2nd mini album” by EXO-K (8/10)

exo, overdose, and kpop image album, new, and exo image

After what it seemed like half an hour to find this album, I finally was able to enjoy it. I remembered I had also heard another song by a different band that I enjoyed but I totally forgot both the name of the song and the name of the band, all I could remember was the video. But, at last, I did find it, it was Overdose

”Kid Krow” by Conan Gray (8/10)

Image by Private User conan gray image

I had been waiting for an actual album for a while, only singles weren’t enough. Some songs were a little average but overall I enjoyed it very much

”MonochRomantic” by Munro (5/10)

black&white, metal, and 90’s image long hair, boy, and black and white image
Couldn't find anything related to them

This is an underground alt-metal/experimental-metal band. Although I enjoyed a few things it really wasn’t as good as I hoped it’d be

”The drug in me is you” by Falling in reverse (7/10)

album, bulimia, and bulimic image band, guy, and music image

Yes yes, I also had not heard the full album. It wasn’t amazing but definitely better than Fashionably Late

”Am I A Girl?” by Poppy (7/10)

album, new, and beauty image b&w, poppy, and i disagree image

Also Tiktok’s fault for putting Girls in Bikinis in my head for like two days. It was a nice album overall, I loved the last song and the “harder” turn it took

”Collide With The Sky” by Pierce the Veil (7/10)

Image by Qurida Pearson pierce the veil, mike fuentes, and tony perry image

Yet another album I hadn’t fully listened to. Emo me really just wanted to listen to a few songs and get it over with. Some songs were amazing, others a bit not so much

”BALLADS 1” by Joji (7/10)

music, joji, and music 2018 albums image joji, george miller, and sushitrash image

I feel as if my alternative card is getting revoked after this. Slow dancing in the dark is so amazing, I don’t care if I’ll get called basic for it

”Flicker” by Niall Horan (8/10)

1d, niall, and niall horan image 1d, louis tomlinson, and liam payne image
I couldn't find the cover in the sea of One Direction pictures

I meant it when I said I’d listen to more of their solo careers. I already knew some songs from when they were in all the radio stations but I still enjoyed the others very much

”Cheap Queen” by King Princess (8/10)

lesbian, music, and queer image lesbian and king princess image
Couldn't find th cover

Lesbian Tiktok wouldn’t stop talking about this so I had to check it out. Not really was I had in mind but I liked it very much, might put some songs on shuffle a lot

”White noise” by PVRIS (8/10)

Image by Private User pvris, lynn gunn, and alex babinski image

I first got to know them when they did Chandelier in Punk goes Pop. I loved her voice but didn’t get around to checking out their own stuff. A mistake, truly

”Brutalism” by IDLES (10/10)

album cover, british, and brutalism image abandoned, aesthetic, and alt image

A friend of mine had talked about them highly a few months ago and I had that little mental note to check them out. I wasn’t sure what genre they were but it was punk so my heart loved it. Even though they are a fairly recent band, they sort of have that 80s punk vibe, at least to me. Every song was fantastic

”The golden age of grotesque” by Marilyn Manson (8/10)

Marilyn Manson and the golden age of grotesque image Antichrist Superstar, concert, and Marilyn Manson image

I don’t know when we’ll be done with this but I’m having a blast. This is probably my 3rd favourite album and I’m curious to listen to some of his most recent stuff, even though some people say it isn’t as good as the old stuff

”Sehnsucht” by Rammstein (8/10)

midnight, my, and rammstein image music, rammstein, and lindemann image

How could I be a little european baby metalhead if I didn’t listen to one of their albums? It’s almost mandatory

”In your honor” by Foo Fighters (8/10)

album cover, foo fighters, and in your honor image nirvana, dave grohl, and grunge image

The first side was definitely more interesting but the second had its perks despite being more chill

”From death to destiny” by Asking Alexandria (8/10)

album, band, and metal image Image by Mary Nacca 🐼

This might be my 2nd favourite album by them. It had a lot of amazing songs and I’ll probably hear them quite a few more times

”Re-Stitch These Wounds” by Black Veil Brides (9/10)

black veil brides, andy biersack, and andy black image black veil brides, jinxx, and andy biersack image
That's the closest I could get to a cover

My children! This was supposed to be at least in the next article but I stopped listening to albums for a while. This re-record of their 1st album came out 2 days ago. I loveeeed it, it’s still faithful to the original but with a more recent sound. Totally awesome, I was surprised that my favourites from this one aren’t my favourites from the original

”Strange Days” by The Doors (10/10)

Lyrics, music, and strange days image Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, and strange days image

I didn’t know I’d like it this much. I like them but it’s never my go-to thing. I think this album changed that a bit. All songs were fantastic, some more chill than others, but all great

Thank you for joining me for the 10th part of my series. We’re already halfway there, I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. As always, if you’d like to suggest an album feel free to message me.

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