Several years back, I have taken this photo. Still, I remember this travel experience, surrounded by the beautiful forest and waterfall in Sillans-la-Cascade. It is quite an adventure to get there as no buses will be available to Sillans-la-Cascade (I guess this did not change, it is quite common that there is no bus service to small villages in France). The only way to get there is to take a taxi from the nearest settlement. Reaching Sillans-la-Cascade, you will find yourself in a small, charming village of the Provence. When I was there, you could even stay at a guest house. A lady had a small bed and breakfast. Maybe, she is still there. The castle of Sillans-la-Cascade offered artists some small spaces where they could exhibit their paintings. I participated in an exhibition and I was quite happy to get quite a big wall to show my creations. Since 2009, I travel to France to organise my art exhibition tours. For 2020, I had already organised several exhibitions in France. However, due to the current situation, it will not possible to have offline exhibitions. So, I started online exhibitions. Several years afterwards, the exhibition venue got closed. I do not know the exact reasons. However, as far as I know no new initiative was started to continue the exhibitions in Sillans-la-Cascade.

Sometimes, it seems that it is the only option to stop a project or a dream when the outside circumstances present themselves in a way which is not favourable. Then, the so-called good advice from relatives, friends, people etc. and the inner critic appear telling you “Why shall I continue?” “What is the use of it?” “I will never have success with this project.” So, let’s face it – most of the time, you will not get encouragement and motivation from other people if you choose to follow your own path, especially, when it is quite different from their ideas and perspectives. Let’s say, you would like to travel around the world – and you would like to travel with your own company. Even nowadays, people will appear- projecting their own inner fears and tell you all the time how dangerous this will be, etc. etc. etc. Another scenario, let’s imagine you always liked to make sculptures and you would like to open an online shop. You discuss your ideas with somebody; the person tells you that it will not provide you with a secure income; your sculptures are nice, but... etc etc etc. Or maybe, you had the idea to start your own natural beauty line or write books about organic gardening. Whatever, it may be, if it makes you happy and your heart sing, then continue to follow this path. It is your own, unique path. Nobody else has to be happy with it.

Most of the time, it is a good idea to work on your plans and do not talk to them to negative people who always come up with their “good advices”. Only discuss your ideas with persons who really support you and your ideas. Sometimes, it may seem as there is no progress and you may have the feeling to give up. It is important to continue and leave the obstacles behind. Motivate yourself with positive affirmations and visualizations. See yourself creating your successful beauty line, selling your sculptures, getting great reviews for your books on organic gardening. Whatever, your project may be, visualize it as a great success. Further, create some positive affirmations for your own motivation. Always start with I. Here are some examples: I have great success with my project. I attract many interested clients for my books, sculptures, beauty line. I am confident. I take back my own power. I deserve to have success. I deserve to realise my dreams. Create your own affirmations which give you motivation to continue on your own, unique path. Remember- your biggest success is your own happiness.
Best wishes for all your plans and adventures!

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