USA Based Venture Capital firm Foxhog Ventures Corp. is all set to be the market player in Indian edtech industry. Headed by Stanford alumni Tarun Poddar company has recently launched it’s various satellite courses in india in the field of Artificial intelligence, Robotics, VLSI, Embedded systems and all other electronics and computer technology courses and had setup the most advanced Virtual lab with NIT DELHI alumni.
Company Foxhog ventures has made some great investment in last 2 months in India in the field of personl care, agriculture, electronics, education, fashion and lifestyle and with this edtech company Foxhog plans to rule edtech industry with it’s satellite courses inspite of recorded courses like any other edtech company.
Managing Partner Tarun Poddar Says “ We have introduced various online diploma courses in partnership with some of our tech and knowledge partner and also launching satellite School which will provide a live school program virtually and all the schools in india will be reopened virtually which all are closed and effected by COVID 19.
The Live School program will be a game changer for Indian market that will help to reopen all the schools and will make them stable financially too.