This post is inspired by the 30 days writing challenge! You can see the rules and join it as well clicking here
1# Sunset
aesthetic, alternative, and clouds image sky, sunset, and pink image
It may sound silly cause it happens everyday, but the color of the sky and the light during the sunset makes me feel nostalgic, and it is somehow comforting, like the feeling of going home after a long time.
2# Driving on the road at night
car, night, and city image light, night, and aesthetic image
specially when listening to the right playlist, even when I'm driving, I feel safe. I really enjoy doing it alone, but when I have someone I love with me is also special.
3# Amusement parks
wallpaper, light, and amusement park image vintage, aesthetic, and amusement park image
It has the superpower of making me going back to my childhood, I just truly enjoy the moment, without caring about anything
4# City lights
Temporarily removed city, view, and aesthetic image
I don't know how to explain, it's just beautiful and peaceful
5# Smell of bread in the morning
food, aesthetic, and theme image coffee and pรฃo de queijo image
Nothing better than wake up and start the day with the smell of bread that was just taken out of the oven.
6# Spending time with my boyfriend
love, couple, and vintage image couple, kiss, and fireworks image
He's so special, I feel stronger and happier when he is around, he supports me being myself, and love me for that, every second with him are full of genuine love.
7# Go for walk by myself
bye, purple, and tumblr image light, winter, and christmas image
I'm an introspect, and sometimes I feel the need of being alone, and walking by myself, with my thoughts, listening to some music, helps me relax
8# Travel by bus
sky, sunset, and pink image bus, crete, and road image
Traveling, listening to music, the expectation about where I'm going and where I want to go someday
9# Interact with cute animals
cat, cute, and animal image animal, cute, and alpaca image
Sometimes I really think that animals are better than people, cause they are so pure and loving no matter what, so I love to be with animals, eve when I don't know them yet
10# Hemmock
rede image namorados, tumblr, and love image
Reading, listening to some music and just swing, feeling the wind
(English is not my first language, I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong. One of the reason I'm doing this challenge is to practice English writing)