I remember as a kid enjoying the rain
I wish I could go back to those times before the pain
When happiness was something not hard to attain
Always struggling with bullies in school, but before I could handle the hurt
I used to be such an extrovert
When did I shut down?
When did i become my biggest letdown?
How can I change?
When my own family makes me feel deranged.
I miss when I could sit in a room with them and not feel out of place

I just wish I could erase
Memories that are wrapped in pain
Always feeling so drained
I just wanna turn the page
How can I forget
When it's wired in my brain
I don't mean to complain
But they've all made me feel insane

I've never been the one to fit in
I've always wanted to crawl out of my skin.
I try to hide my feelings within
That's why have my paper and pen