I write stuff sometimes, and I figured there's no time like the present to start sharing.
Here's one of the first pieces I ever wrote, I hope you like it!

Mirror: Carved
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I stare at myself in the wall and the image won’t change.
I pull and I twist, the picture stays the same.

Why don’t I feel at home with myself alone?
Why’s it so hard to love my own flesh and bone?

I’m running a mobius, the race never ends
Join ranks of girls with food phobias
With rules for myself build to be bent
And I won’t fucking lie
I’ve gone too long deprived of my grandmother’s pie
Cause it’s from my weight I derive how much harder to try
Could someone please tell me
What I could possibly have left to vilify?

I want to smash this false glass that I so deplore,
Watch with joy let it crash, shatter on the floor
Pick up a shard, carve ten pounds, maybe more
And savour the pain in all it’s bloody gore.

I want to scream at the magazines, the meal plans, these men
That tell me they’ll never think me a ten
If I can’t somehow become a woman I’ve never been,
And if my figure should change they’ll never love me again.

I’m sick of living in the fluorescence of the convenience store.
I don’t want to think about workouts, or what last I wore.
The lights make my head hurt and the night my heart sore.
Some days I don’t think I can do this anymore.

I don’t have the answers, there’s no test to pass
Though I have to admit, if there was a class
On loving yourself that actually worked,
I’d buy a one way ticket, sitting first class,
And back into my bones, let love trespass.

I don’t love my scars, my voice, my laugh,
But I’m hoping after spending some time and a half
Trying to love myself the way kids love giraffes,
Maybe this poem can be my hatred’s epitaph.

- S.K.
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