hello! and welcome to another article. today i decided to start the ’30 days writing challenge’ in which i will share with you more about myself with the idea to improve my english and create a safe space -not only for me- but for you to count on me in anything you need.

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let’s begin!

🌻 day i: explain the meaning of your name

my name was chosen by my parents -well, apparently by my dad- from a multiple list. my parents were expecting a boy, so i was suppose to be Benjamin, but i was a girl, and names like Rosario, Josefa and María were really close to happen – but for some reason, Belén won.

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Belén: it’s the spanish version of the city Bethlehem, the place where king david and jesus were born. the town’s name comes from the hebrew which means ‘house of bread’.

i read about woman being naturally graceful, someone who emanates an air of balance and harmony.

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unfortunaly, i don’t know much about my name but i hope i can write more in the next days.

thank you for reading!
i'll be writing this challenge daily, and i'll try to post every friday -as i said i was going to do, oops- but it will depend on my academic routine in college.

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