Thing one
What's your name?

pink, aesthetic, and sensitive image love, quote, and heart image hate, hello, and today image love, name, and word image

Thing two
Where you from?

moon, stars, and sky image balloons, paris, and vintage image sunset, beach, and summer image city, new york, and sea image

Thing three
What's your favorite hobby?

books, botticelli, and dreamy image art, brown, and girl image skate, skateboard, and boy image art, paint, and painting image

Thing four
What's your favorite color?

art, leaves, and colors image hands, galaxy, and stars image american, eye, and happy image colors, smoke, and colorful image

Thing five
What's your favorite tv show?

friends, quotes, and rachel image money, boy, and quotes image funny, tv show, and Mila Kunis image spongebob, squidward, and funny image

Thing six
What's your Zodiac sign?

eyes, zodiac, and cancer image zodiac, signs, and astrology image girl, grunge, and lips image aquarius, art, and artwork image

Thing seven
How tall are you?

cute, short, and quotes image love, couple, and short image anime, composition, and scale image attitude, girls, and height image

Thing eight
Whats your favorite movie?

black, happy, and color image Clueless, fabulous, and quotes image quotes, Angelina Jolie, and hate image quotes, disney, and wrong image

Thing nine
What's your favorite song

music, time, and quotes image music and notes image 70's, 80's, and 90's image music, magic, and quotes image

Thing ten
Have you ever been in trouble by the law?

aesthetic, red, and trouble image aesthetic, alternative, and crimson image trouble and red image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image