I made a (short) list of some of the non-American movies I've liked the most. I hope you'll like them as much as I did.


万引き家族 ''Manbiki kazoku''

This Korean movie, directed by ‎Kore'eda Hirokazu, tells the story of a rather disfunctional family. It starts quite slowly, but is full of plot twists. I'm sure you won't regret watching it.

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I give it a 8,5/10

The Platform

El Hoyo

This is a movie by the Spanish director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. Maybe you alredy know it because it's on Netflix. I wholeheartedly warn you about this movie, since it's extremely brutal; however, it's really worth watching, since it's a clever criticism to society and capitalism.

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I give it a 7,5 /10 because it took me a few days to recover from it

Portrait of a lady on fire

Portrait de la jeune fille en feu

This one is by the French director Céline Siamma and is actually a very good LGBTQ+ movie, even though it's a bit sad. It's very slow, they dont talk much, but what they say is very meaningful. It tells the story of Marianne, a young painter, has to paint a portrait of Héloïse, a wealthy young woman, in secret and without her noticing; with the help of some literature references and piano music, they will fall in love.

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I give it a 8,5/10

The Place

Even though it has an English name, this movie is Italian, directed by Paolo Genovese. It's all set inside a bar and the location never changes; this makes it especially interesting. The main character is a mysterious man who is said to grant people wishes... but at a very high price.

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I give it a 9/10


기생충 寄生蟲 ''Gisaengchung''

Pretty much everyone knows about this movie, by the well-known Korean director Bong Joon-ho. I decided to add it to this list because if you haven't seen it yet, you absolutely have to. You'll be surprised by how this movie can be both scary and funny at the same time.

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I give it a 9/10

Perfect Strangers

Perfetti Sconosciuti

This Italian movie by Paolo Genovese (yes, the same one of ''The Place'') turns an apparent 'slice of life' situation into a distressing one. A group of friends meet for a dinner and they decide to play a game: every one will switch phones and read aloud all the texts that the phone's owner gets. Turns out that no one is as honest as they claim to be.

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I give it a 8/10 because it gave me some second-hand embarassment

The way he looks

Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho

This Brazilian movie, directed by Daniel Ribeiro, is really a feel-good one. If you want to watch a LGBTQ+ movie without feeling sad, this is what you're looking for. It's about a blind boy who falls in love with one of his closest friends.

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I give it a 8,5/10

That's it, that's my list. I hope i convinced you to watch some of these!
- Marvy