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Now when I have a lot of time to catch up every tv shows and movies and books I want to watch and read but I didn't have a time, I finally watched beloveded by every one desbrided by many as best show for teenagers british show skins. i mean, to be honest, first time i watched a few episodes of it but I didn't like it and quickly gave up without any regret. Now I decided to give it another chance and after years I still don't like Skins and moreover I think this is one of the most overhyped show I've seen in my whole life. I perfectly understand why so many people love that show. But still: Skins is overrated. TBH, the first season didn't impress me much, but I didn't want to give up so quickly like last time. i'm pretty glad that I didn't give up after the 1 season because in my opinion the 2 sesason is the best of all, the best season of the series. also if I didn't continue Skins then I wouldn't know the best character from the whole series that belongs to the second generation.

˗ˏˋ GENERATION 1 ˎˊ˗

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  • favourite characters: Maxxie, Jal, Chris
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  • the least favourites: Michelle, Sid
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  • the best couple: Jal and Chris (duh...)
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That these two as a couple so unexpected but makes a lot of sense (well, at least for me). We have here such tropes like from friends-to-lovers and opposite-attracted

˗ˏˋ Generation 2 ˎˊ˗

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My the least favourite generation (third is so pathetic and simply the worst that it's out of competition - no need take this into consideration). I still remember that the first two episodes of season 3 were so awfull that I wanted to stop watching the series. But episode 3 of season 4 was simply brilliant and hilarious which gave me hope that generation, despite its poor start, could be as great as everyone says. Well shit. Nope.

Ultimately drives me up the wall the most overrated character ever, annoying and at the same time apparently the most beloved couple by fans which is Effy + Freddie and also seriously fucked up ending. I couldn't care less about Freddie, but the creators could have written his death a lot better anyway.

  • favourite characters: Cook, Thomas
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  • the least favourite: everybody else, the most Effy, Panda, Freddie... just everybody else
panda and skins image skins, Effy, and effy stonem image
I can't understand how anyone would consider these two as the best / favorite characters from Skins. Personally, I didn't like Pandora right from the start - an unbearable annoying character that was supposed to be charming and funny - and I quite hated her when it turned out that she was a hypocrite AF: first he cheats on Thomas repeatedly with Cook, and when Thomas slept with someone - suddenly , somehow - , Thomas is the bad guy here. Just- WTF?
  • the best the worst couple: Effy and Freddie
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skins, Effy, and effy stonem image
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My opinion is so unpopular that it will be considered blasphemy by many but I don't care. For me Effy Stonem is the most overrated AF character from Skins. As well as her "great lovestory" with Freddie. I truly can't believe that so many consideres her as the best and the most iconic Skins character ever. I became especially interested in Skins because of allegedly one of the best mental illness/mental health theme and apparently it was about Effy. Such a bullshit. I can't even describe how disappointed I am. I expected great representation of mental health issues and what I got is character created by a 14-years old emo girl. Apparently to be iconic you must pretend to be complicated, be angsty and do drugs.
Another thing which drives me up the wall about Effy is the way she treated Cook.


Freddie, glow, and pale image

They looked into each other's rheumy stoned eyes, they gave each other boner and call it love! Just give me a break. I hate theme of love-at-the-first-sight : it's such a bullshit. and Freddie and Effy are the best examples of it.

Nobody will ever convince me that Effy and Freddie it' a great lovestory. Please, get real: Freddie fell in love with her beauty and his idea of Effy.

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skins, cook, and James Cook image
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Hands down the best, the most iconic character from Skins not only from generation 2 but from entire Skins generation? Right off the bat: James Cook. Destructive, cocky, impulsive, violent. And at the same time vulnerable, emotional... neglected ... unwanted... Such complexed character. I rather thousand times Cook than overrated Effy.

˗ˏˋ Generation 3 ˎˊ˗

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Ok. Before I even watched Skins, I heard how people say multipletimes things like "let's pretend that Generation 3 doesn't even exist" or "We can ALL agree that Generation 3 is the worst ". I didn't understand it ... until I watched it myself. It's all too obvious that cretors themselves didn't know what this third generation was supposed to be.

I get the impression that during the writing of the script and the characters they were really stoned . The only thing that saves the third generation and season 5 is Grace and Rich. Literally the only thing. At first I thought I'd like Franky. My god, how was I wrong. That whole generation is so random. Like - in 6 season The creators apparently thought that since they have two conflicting brothers in the third generation, they will add a motif of two quarreling brothers in love with the same girl.

I can't even express in words, even in my native language, the embarrassment, anger and disgust that gripped me after watching the first episode of the sixth season.

Despite the fact that Violet's death makes no sense at all and it's unnecessary AF and I really understand why creators decided to kill every character who is happy and in love but they could have written her death so much better. Because the end result is really frustrating and pathetic.

I stopped watching Skins for good after the first two episodes of six season, with no regrets.

  • favourite characters: Grace, Rich
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  • the least favourite: everybody else
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  • the best couple: Rich and Grace
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Best generation? The common opinion is the best generation is first generation and the worst is third generation. And I can't agree more with that. Tony, Maxxie, Anwar, Sid, Cassie, Chris, Jal and Michelle. That 8 characters are truly iconic.

Best season? Righ off the bat: season 2. Simply the best with the most iconic and memorable scenes.

'It’s gotta get bad before it gets good' scene
Cassie funky exam.
Sid's father death.
Sid's breaks down
Chris death!
Chris' farewell
Tony and Sid stole Chris' cofin.

The first generation is undoubtedly the best, and not only because the series had the best screenwriters, but also because of the cast.

Best character ever?

In the first place I have to mention Cook - such an amazing character played by a spectacular actor as Jack O'Connel - but eq aequo with Chris and Tony.

Best couple ever? Grace and Rich. But also Jal and Chris.

I'm not a fan of Skins , but I'm so glad I finally got to see this UK's most iconic teen show. It's amazing to watch young Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel and Daniel Kaluuya knowing that they are now incredibly successful actors.

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𝙵𝚘𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚜𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚝𝚎.... ⬇️