Hi everybody! Today I'll be showcasing the very best beauty products (and occasional minor tips) for Summer!

During Summertime, makeup should be effective & lightweight.
Let's explore a few products (and occasional suggestions) that'll make that happen!

I made sure to mention where you can find every product:)

Step One | Skin

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Primer Sunscreen

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Not only is sunscreen a "must" during the summer—especially on your face—but it is also a great substitute for primer! It even lightens dark spots & acne scars.

Recommended Products

(Found on Amazon)

—Neutrogena Sunscreen | $8.97

—CeraVe Sunscreen | $11.79

These Sunscreens are not only effective but also specially formatted so they won't cause acne or other grease-provoked results.

Step Two | Concealer

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Since foundation stands out a bit differently in the Summer, people often look for a more lightweight alternative.
You can easily get the coverage your looking for by blending a bit of concealer over the blemish(es) you're trying to cover, especially if you dab some color corrector over the spot(s) first:)

Recommended Products

(Found on Ulta)

—Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer $9.99

—Tarte Shape Tape Concealer $27.00

Step Three | Blush & Bronzer

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Believe it or not, blush & bronzer do a great job of evening out your skin tone & hiding blemishes.

Recommended Products

(Found on Ulta)

—Hoola Benefit Bronzer $30.00

—Milani Baked Blush $9.49

Step Four | Highlighter

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Highlighter is so underrated, a little bit of glow in the right places makes such a huge difference!
Put the highlighter in the inner corner of your eye, across your cheekbones, & on the bridge of your nose:)

Recommended Products

(Found on Ulta)

—Elf Baked Highlighter $4.00

—Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter $8.00

Step Five | Mascara

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Do you curl your lashes before you do your mascara? Whether you curl your lashes or even use falsies, mascara is a necessity of every routine

Recommended Products

(Found on Ulta)

—Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Mascara $7.99

—Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara $25.00

Step Six | Lips

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During summertime I avoid matte lipsticks for the same reasons I avoid heavy foundations. I prefer moisturizing lipsticks & glosses:)

Recommended Products

(Found on Sepora).

—Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Balm $18.50

—Tarte Sea Quench Rescue Balm $19.00

—Fenty Gloss $19.00

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer:)

Stay Fabulous <3

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Written By: @realfloridagirlsavvy as Part of the SEASONS Project.