This tag is very famous here and I wanted to give a break from astrology, so I decided to write mine :) also, I'm taking in consideration the things that fit me better (kind of lol), and not necessarily my favourite ones or the ones I wish I were.

𝙞𝙛 𝙞 𝙬𝙚𝙧𝙚...

an element
aesthetic and sky image rainbow, aesthetic, and sky image
a colour
ice cream, blue, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and summer image
light blue
an animal
cat, meme, and funny image cat, kitten, and kitty image
a fruit
Image by VIOLET, YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET! coconut, theme, and aesthetic image
a disney princess
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
a time
clock, time, and who cares image Image removed
present, but in a multiverse
a country
hell, black and white, and quotes image alphabet, cool, and foreign image
a time of the day
Temporarily removed aesthetic, rain, and night image
4:30 am; because you woke up early, not because you didn't sleep at all
a clothing item
aesthetic image fashion and hair image
a feeling
Image by K Y L I E cat, animal, and cute image
a natural phenomenon
hair, aesthetic, and blonde image aesthetics, beautiful, and relax image
a mythological creature
animals, art, and chimera image art, gustave moreau, and the chimera image
a job
makeup, aesthetic, and theme image sky, clouds, and rainbow image
dream analyzer
a fictional character
1800, fc, and OC image beach, water, and aesthetic image
beth from little women (the book)
a song
guitar, aesthetic, and black image ocean, water, and theme image
nowhere fast - the smiths
a drink
tea, drink, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
a scent
waves, sea, and ocean image Image removed
the ocean
a season
Image removed cemetery, graveyard, and fog image
a make up product
red, makeup, and eye image Temporarily removed
eye pencil
an accessory
Temporarily removed earrings, pills, and aesthetic image
a book
coffee, aesthetic, and drink image love, couple, and hug image
humiliated and insulted - dostoyevsky
a dessert
autumn, pie, and cozy image food image
a deadly sin
cartoon and quotes image text, aesthetic, and quotes image
a movie
Hitchcock and orange image movie, old, and quotes image
a greek god(ess)
aesthetic, indie, and retro image bright, gif, and twinkle image
morpheus - god of dreams and sleep
a planet
aesthetic, planet, and Uranus image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
an album
antique, beautiful, and music image eyes, green, and aesthetic image
the queen is dead - the smiths
that's it <3 I got inspiration from these articles, but I changed some questions :)
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