Okay so this isn't me. This is a character I'm creating for a little rewrite of the series. I'm currently re-discovirng my love for this fantasy saga that everyone has so much to say about.
Whether you love or hate the series.. here you go.
Name: Ophelia or 'Lia'
Species: Vampire
Birthdate: 17th October 1922
Age Appearance: 18
Birthplace: Chicago Illinois
Creator: Laurent

A p p e a r a n c e

beautiful, girl, and singer image
beauty, gif, and cute image dove cameron, blonde, and beautiful image
Ice blond hair, golden eyes and stunning

P e r s o n a l i t y

quotes, words, and motivation image quotes and red image Image by Private User quotes, feelings, and dangerous image
She is beyond sympathetic for everyone. She is wiser than you'd guess, thinks a lot before she speaks. Protects whoever she loves fiercely.

S t y l e

blogger, classy, and fashion image
black, fashion, and fit image fashion, style, and outfit image classic, clothes, and fashion image black, body, and gray image
Neutral tones always

F r i e n d s

alice cullen, ashley greene, and icons image alice cullen, ashley greene, and girls icons image
Her very best friend and the one who understands her.
twilight, robert pattinson, and edward cullen image
twilight, eclipse, and bella image
Jacob & Bella

L o v e r

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alternative, daily, and girlfriend image quotes and words image angel, i miss you, and sad image gang, pack, and twilight image
She thinks he's too good for her and it's an increidbly strange thing for a shapeshifter to imprint on a vampire.

G i f t

aesthetic, police, and telekinesis image aesthetic, black, and brain image
She is a telekinetic.

F a m i l y

breaking dawn, edward, and elizabeth reaser image
twilight, edward cullen, and breaking dawn image
Okay thanks for reading. I'm gonna go cry about the fact I can't jump into this world.