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❝ Dear whi Anonymous, I would like to share some problems I’ve been having with WeHeartIt as a social platform in general. Personally I joined in 2011, in a time when there were no articles, postcards or anything like that, it was just pictures back then. I have returned since self-isolation times due to the virus and I was very pleasently surprised to see my follower count go up. But when I would look at the profiles of people who started following me recently, it looked like they weren’t active hearters, only heaving hearted 2 or 3 pictures in total, or they maybe just made an account and weren’t dedicated yet (or were they just computers and no real life people?). Since then I’ve been wondering if there are actually active hearters, or is it just a small group of hearters that are active daily? How do people on this platform connect with each other? Generally I was hoping to share my interests with others, and to inspire other whi members, but I don’t feel like I am doing that anymore, rather I feel ‘tricked’ by an algorithm of whi giving me followers.. This may sound a bit over the top, but being on WeHeartIt now feels the same as being at a party where you don’t know anybody and nobody knows you.

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Nadine/@sparkling_tears - Dear Anonymous, welcome to the club of WHI old hands. I joined in 2012 and I had active and inactive periods other the years. I have seen the different stages, but still remember the "good old times". As I see it there are different types of account that are active right now. We have the "popular" users, who are really active with writing tones of articles and hearting pictures. The second group are the silent hearters. Users who still use WHI for collecting pictures, but don't write any articles. Probably they read them tough. There are also the "computer accounts". They follow many account but don't heart pictures or don't seem to be active in any way. Of course there are other user who write occasional articles and so on, but they are a little bit more invisible. The way I see it most of the content that is promoted by the WHI page is from that first group. As the messages don't work reliably the users who really want to connect found other ways. IG, Whatsapp-Groups or Discord. If you want to get involved with other user, be proactive. When I wrote somebody a message, I never got a rude answer. Like everybody is super kind and happy, if you contact them. If you want to join any group, write one of their members, maybe there is a possibility that you can still join. If there is not: Just create one yourself. It takes some time to find your group of people on WHI, but there is one for everybody. WHI changed a lot over the years, but for me it is still about sharing pictures I like and connecting to other people. If somebody writes me a message or needs advise, I'll always do my best to help. I don't care about my followers number. I don't get any money if I have 100 000 followers. I hope you'll be active user for another 9 years! Best wishes!
Alejandra/@Alejandralahey - Hi! I am going to speak from my experience and I think that there are problems with WHI. I have been using this app for only a year, so I cannot compare with what it was. I have talked to other users who have been using WHI for several years now and I think it has certainly gotten worse. The good thing about this platform was (and is) that it is a super positive place without bad comments. Where to express yourself, the idea is just perfect but at the moment it has become a place where some products and ads are promoted, the application can be said to have lost its magic. We Heart It needs to promote itself, and stop promoting their products, they must listen to the community because they will never find better users than all of us! There are so many talented users, so many articles that deserve so much recognition! We need better forms of communication, we need feedback, we need recognition. We should do a joint letter to WHI to talk once and for all with the team of We Heart it. Still, we should not stop writing, sharing, publishing because thanks to this I think that many of us have met incredible people and we have learned a lot. We need to wait and everything will improve. We just have to insist and keep writing.
Kim/ - As someone who’s been on WHI since 2014, has been active almost every day since then, and is part of a WHI group, there’s many ways to connect with other users on the site! There’s a lot more active users on the site than you think. There’s a WHI Discord group (@whidiscordcomm) where you can join via the link in the bio! Writing articles, posting photos, and following accounts you like and starting conversations with people are a good way to connect with people (unless you’re in the US, then you can’t message anyone because messages have been broken for accounts made in the US for over a year now). I know there’s writing groups looking for new writers all the time as well if you love writing! Unfortunately, like the other comments say, the site has only gone downhill since WHI’s “golden age” in 2011-2017 and I think the site has a long way to go if they want to get more active users back on the site, but that’s a conversation for a different day. I’ll end it with this: I promise that messaging people to start a conversation won’t be weird, almost everyone I’ve met so far on this site is incredibly kind and supportive of each other’s accounts. :)

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