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in 2021 i will be graduating from school and i gonna enter adult life. it is very big step for me because i will move to bigger city and live by myself ,go to university , cook my own meals and pay my own bills.i dont want it to break me and low my self-esteem. also i dont want to waist my life on things i dont want to do. so i am kinda writing this article to read it in future to remind myself that i am matter. that im worth it and that i deserve it.
hello my future self i love u and u matter!
here are some quotes i want u to stick to!

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also i want u to remember that COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!!!

study more because knowledge is your power

travel more there is a lot of interesting places in the world and you dont need a lot money for that. make new friends

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visit japan
and build collection of japanese manga and hentai

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go study abroad dont be afraid
work oon your music taste as much as you do now its normal find them new artists!

never doubt yourself.
believe in yourself as these characters

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build strong bonds and love your family and friends

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reach your goals

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please eat properly

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drink enough water

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protect environment

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respect everyone and everything!!!


read more

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learn languages

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also remember that

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thank you for reading
love u