Covid-19 has definitely made us re look at our relationships past and present. It has made me question what is that perfect balance between personal and dating life? How does one compromise enough and not lose respect?
I've been dating for about 5 years, been in a serious relationship with 3 men. Ladies i must say everyone had a different complaint to back off from the relationship. One was you are emotionally dependent on me. You are too nice, easily forgiving. Who knew beyond physical appearances there would be complex intricate problems that needs a little searching for answers.
As cliche as it sounds don't go hunting for men but make use of every opportunity to start one physically, could be a mutual friend, a hot guy across the bar. Take control madame. Only way to know your type is by trial and error.

How to find the right guy?

tip 1) find a guy who is committed
when you see someone who doesn't back-off in whatever he loves doing could be a guitar, a game, his work see if he goes all the way and puts in sincere effort to do his best.

tip 2) Boundaries
This tiny word that we fail to communicate and stick to. Find out what is an absolute deal breaker and what you can compromise on. Stick to your words it is really important.

tip 3) Consistent
Someone who you can see and draw a pattern, he ensures to ask you about your day. You meet at least once a week no matter how busy both of you get.

tip 4) Communicate
if he understands about your needs, asks you about why you are feeling low, is there by your side and you can talk to him about anything. There is never too silly a conversation to have.

tip 5) Ask for your space
if you feel the need to go out alone or stay in, concentrate on something ask for it. Don't think anything is pre-understood in a relationship.