Hi everyone and welcome to the seventh article of the feminist talk serie!

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In today’s article I would like to remind you something that in my opinion is really important: we should try to not be afraid of speak up when it comes to sexism.
When I say to ‘speak up’ or ‘talk’ about feminism I refer to everything that shares information about this topic. For example if you like reading books, you can recommend some feminist books or analyze the plot from a feminist point of view. Or if you’re good at painting, you can paint something that is related to this topic. Basically what I’m trying to say is that you should use your talent to share these important information and let people know about these issues.

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It’s hard, I know. It took me three years to start to speak up about feminism. At first I thought that I wasn’t the right person to talk about it, because I’m just 16 years old and I’m still in high school, but then I realized that maybe feminism needs also my point of view. Maybe it needs the point of view of all the girls, women and every person out there, because our experiences, our words, our thoughts, our lives are valid. So every time you think that you aren’t the right person for talking about feminism, please remember what I said. And if you need some support I will always be there for you.
The world has to hear us. And if it will make noise because what we’re saying is uncomfortable, we’ll speak louder, but we’ll never -never- be quite again.

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Of course talking about feminism also means that you have to study a lot, read a lot, watch movies and documentaries and listen to other people. But believe me, it’s worth it. All this information will blow your mind, and then you’ll feel inside you the desire of sharing everything you’ve learned with your community and maybe you’ll blow someone else’s mind. And they we’ll be grateful forever.

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We should try to talk about feminism not only online, but also in real life with our families and our friends. I know it’s difficult, I’m still trying to be better a this, but we shouldn’t be afraid anymore. And remember that if someone doesn’t even try to understand your opinions, maybe this relationship is not that healthy.

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To talk about feminism doesn’t mean that you have to talk only about this or you have to talk about everything related to feminism. It’s okay to not talk about something because it makes you feel bad, or if it affects your mental health or if you don’t want to. No one should judge you or think that you don’t care about that. We are humans, it’s okay for us to take breaks and not talk about everything.

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And remember, you should speak up only when you’re ready. Don’t rush things. Take your time, take care of yourself, and then, if you’re ready, talk about it. But think about yourself first. We’ll always wait for you. Always.

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Thank you for reading this article. I hope that it helped you in some way. And remember that together we can change the world.
See you in the next article!