Hello you!

Here I am, back again after a long time without writing articles. And I really miss doing that stuff. So today I am coming back with an article that I have found inspiration while scrolling my feed. It is a challenge called my three personalities which consist of describing your behaviour in three different parts.

This is quite interesting because it is very difficult to present yourself in only one type of personality. Sometimes we will act differently in a situation because of the environment, what happened in your day and there isn't only one way to be yourself. Humans are the most complex being on earth. And who never wanted to enter in the head of somebody to know what they are actually thinking? Well, today I offer you the possibility to get to know me a little bit more.

This is the article that has inspired me. Got check out.


Open-minded, Eyes wide opened, Passionate, Rebel, Determinated, Dreamer, Hard-working, Hot minded, A bit agitator

model, crown, and Queen image Temporarily removed

Short skirt or short with tights, Turtle neck, Doc Martens or Converse, Long jackets that cover all the outfits and arrive under the bum in order to let see the tights. Nice eyeliner trait and sometimes a dark lipstick. Hoop earrings. And holding a portfolio with a tote bag...

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The Smiths, Joy Division, The Clash, The Slits, Shame, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Buzzcocks, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd...
Punk/ New wave/ Alternative/ Post Punk/ Rock

Favorite Place
Museum and Record owner shops

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Listen to music on a record player, Take analogue photographies, Looking for something with history, Visit museums and exhibitions, Wandering, Do thrift, Search for a new record to a record shop owner, Speak English, Drink tea and coffee, Buy little pasty, Autumn...

alternative, analog, and analogue image analogue, birds, and des image


Eyes wide opened, Passionate, Dreamer, Kind, Shy, Supportive, Emotional, Grateful

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Mom or Flare jeans with a little cardigan, Converse or Dad Shoes, Eyeliner trait with some sparkled eye shadows, Bracelet and a lot of necklaces, Oversized leather jacket...

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The Cure, The Stone Roses, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, Indochine, The The, Oasis, The 1975, Bob Marley...
Alternative/ Indie

Favorite Place
Countryside or the sea

beach, rocks, and blue image sea, water, and ocean image

Read books, Pet animal, Walk on the beach, Take analogue photographies, Dance, Film little details of life, Flowers, Walks, Lie under the sun, Castles, Late summer night watching series, Little lights...

ice cream, rome, and sun image rome, ruins, and sun image


Cry baby, Scared, Weak, Selfish, Anxious, Dealing with a some mental disorder, Reassess me every day, Lack of trust, Needy, Honest, Hiding feelings...

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Dark outfits, Tights, Doc Martens, Big sweaters, Half ponytail, Lip Balm...

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Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure, The 1975
Goth/ Post punk

Favorite Place
Next to a window or in a corner

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Watch the sky, Drink tea, A soft bedcover, Music loud in headphones, Sleep, Dream for a better time...

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That is it! I hope you have liked it.
See you soon
M xx