We all know those moments when everything seems to be going fine until the thoughts creep in, "what if it won't work?" "What if he doesn't like me?" "What if I'm not good enough for this?"
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Self Doubt, we all know it, and definitely we all hate it. The thing is doubt prevents us from going for what we really want, taking the leap of faith, being with someone we like, starting that business we always dreamt about owning or making a youtube video. The negative What ifs that take control of our brains in the moment of doubt limit us from living the life we truly crave.
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But how do we get rid of it?
a few weeks ago I finally decided to go for my dreams and start my youtube channel, I had already filmed two videos, and today was the day I'd film my third one (Freshman year advice... what I wish I knew) but I found myself feeling very negative about the thing that would always bring me joy. I though what's the point, no one will watch it, and what if this will never go anywhere? what if I'm just not good enough to do it? what if all my dreams are pointless? From there on my brain went down a negative spiral, doubting everything I dream of and everything I'd ever known.

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The thing is, Psychologically in order to ensure the survival our brains are hardwired to protect us from painful experiences, and it is a fact that humans will go to greater lengths to avoid pain then to obtain pleasure. When we are in the moments of self-doubt, thinking about all the possible ways it can go wrong, and all the possible ways we are not good enough to do the thing we want to do, and the failure that will follow, we start to link that activity (in my example making a video) with pain. So once the negative association is made our brains will force us to quit in order to protect us from the hypothetical pain. Now we will rather avoid the activity that brings pain, then do it to get a pleasurable result.
Angel In Purgatory
Angel In Purgatory
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Now that you can see how doubt works what can we actually do?
Here is the advice that I have: 1. When our brains begin to think "what if" we can either take that as a signal and cut it out right there or replace the negative what-ifs with positive. "What if this video will go viral?" "what if it will actually help someone?" It can be hard to do and hard to believe in, believe me, I know, but we need to get away from that association with pain.

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2. Read this in the moment of self-doubt: "yes going for it is scary, and the outcome is unpredictable, the future doesn't exist, so even though in your mind it seems more as though the negative outcome is more likely the probability is actually 50/50, there is no way to know except for doing it. If you have a dream, and if you really want something then it is worth fighting for, don't let these thoughts, which are basically a bunch of chemical signals, prevent you from living the life you are striving for. What if Harry Styles let his self-doubt prevent him from going on Xfactor? What if JK Rowling let the doubt set in by all the times her book got rejected prevent her from finally publishing Harry Potter? I know it's hard to believe but you might be next"
Angel In Purgatory
Angel In Purgatory
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Thank you guys for reading I hope this helped.

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