Hi! This letter is for the one who is feeling loneliness

We may walk the road, taken from the pallets we selected by the glazing and shimmering shadows.

we carried it further, to know how and who we are,
"Wonderfulness"- Wonderfulness comes with hope, and
but like springs come, and so does winter

we face all those doubts again,

we deny, until we realize they are a part of the tracks we designed

the fear, and doubt,

am a good person?

does anyone love me?

which is why we need those little tokens of hope. ..TO Remind us we are worth it. ..and when we have them, we need to keep them. ..with those heavy words too. ..because. ..at some point of time. ..NO ONE will be there to tell us. ..

and at that moments we would need them. ..
FROM THERE. ..YOU WILL TURN Loneliness- to wonderfulness- to forgiveness