hey guys i know i usually promise tomorrow for video but things has been hectic lately as getting house to move in is so hard and been so busy looking at one and i usually get tired when i get back im usually make sure my money is fine on my games which they are gta fine animal crossing is fine sims is fine but as you know red dead online has new update one is new role which is naturalist and new outlaw past i kinda spent it all on things i need for it so yes now im broke on rdo and im focusing getting money back on track and we will be back on schedule if you dont know it n what you need for new role
what you need for naturalist on rdoelephant rifflenew improved bowadvanced camera seductive ammoblending drinksample kit 25 gold bars
schedulemonday minecrafttuesday red dead onlinewednesday witcherthursday gta onlinefriday fright night scary gamessaturday and sunday story game aka last of us or sims 4
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