Day Fourteen

My dear reflexion in the mirror,

When I look in the mirror at you, I see a pretty mixed race girl with an afro puff on the head. Yes, that is true, you are beautiful

You have a beautiful body with curves. Some might say that your tights are a bit fat, your belly is not perfectly flat, or whatever. But I don't care. I love you as you are. I used to dislike you but now it is over.

You have a beautiful face with a little nose looking like your Dad, dark brown almond-shaped eyes. Some might say that your face is not clear, your lips are too big or whatever. I don't care. I have a bit of acne and lips bigger than Caucasians and I like that.

I hope I will keep on loving you in the future.

Love, Noémie

Inspired by @bex_st
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