Hey guys! This article is about staying motivated and healthy admit not being employed and being financially assisted. with this COVID-19 pandemic at hand, it's so hard at times to get a job. Some people are removed from work almost every day. It's hard to cope with this pandemic.

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so these are the things you can do:
1. Keep working hard, no need to feel sorry for yourself

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2. stay motivated read inspiring blogs or journals online

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3. keep fit - you have all the time to stay close to nature and enjoy the beautiful breeze

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4. Write a journal planner or a monthly planner of what you'd love to achieve

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5. Phone friends who have connections- stay updated on that dream company you'd like to work for
Stay updated and organized with current trends online

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6. Start making and selling things online or on WhatsApp
sell and create as this is the time to start being creative- ou might find your dream job there.

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Happy Searching!