august is upon us, let's do a challenge to get the cozy vibes on!🦉
also tag it with: august writing challenge so i can read yours


day one: write five goals for this month
day two: create a 10 song playlist
day three: describe your morning routine
day four: share five comfort films
day five: write a lesson learned today
day six: describe your night routine
day seven: share a childhood memory
day eight: create a moodboard of your dreamlife
day nine: recommend a binge-worthy tv show
day ten: write some advice on any topic
day eleven: top three of favorite quotes
day twelve: write about someone that inspires you
day thirteen: recommend a book
day fourteen: write about someone you miss
day fifteen: create a moodboard of your month so far
day sixteen: describe your coreaesthetic
day seventeen: review a movie
day eighteen: share a love story
day nineteen: describe something you want to achieve in 2020
day twenty: write about how to keep motivation
day twenty-one: write five facts about yourself
day twenty-two: share your fall essentials (one month for fall 2020!)
day twenty-three: recommend your fav youtubers or online creators
day twenty-four: describe your day
day twenty-five: share five clothing items of your wishlist
day twenty-six: write your opinion on soulmates
day twenty-seven: describe a fictional character to whom you relate the most
day twenty-eight: create a moodboard of your top travel destination
day twenty-nine: share your relaxing day routine
day thirty: write a positive message for yourself
day thirty-one: write five goals for the next month

hope u have fun with this challenge loves!

chérie, xo