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my treasure - ateez seonghwa

y / n, a small yet brave and independent young girl, settling down at a local coffee shop. she had got there as early as she could in order to be able to write before having to go back to working. she was so invested in her laptop that when a customer entered the store, she had perked up, practically jumping up from her seat. i normally wasn't the nosy type, but couldn't help myself once my eyes reached the male walking in. he looked clean, a plain white t-shirt with a black jacket vest draping over his arms. i knew i shouldn't have developed crushes at my job, but his presence was unbearable.

i eventually snapped myself out of the long gaze when a fellow co-worker called out, "y / n ! get in here. you were supposed to start working minutes ago !" my eyes widened and i rushed into the small hut of a shop. the much taller, smokey haired male stood in front of the counter, almost ready to order. after getting quickly scolded beforehand, i felt embarrassed standing before him. he grazed over the menu until he was satisfied with his choice.

"welcome, what can i get you for today ?" my voice seemed to fade off the longer i spoke. my face was now buried into the small notepad i held.

"ah, yes. i'd like a large iced americano." his voice was somewhat rough. after placing the order he took out his wallet and fiddled with it for a second.

"okay, that'll be $4.15," i managed to pull off a fake smile for him as he handed me a twenty. not only did he look flawless but apparently so was his bank account. a $20 bill was closest thing he had to the $4.15 price.

i rushed to write the order down and then proceeded to make the drink for him. he sat down at the few bar stools that were placed in front of the counter. every so often he'd peak from his phone to see me prepare it for him.

"large iced americano," i said, putting down the drink in reach from him. he didn't react much. his expression wasn't emotionless though, it seemed like he found something amusing yet scary at the same time ? a sudden and unexpected laugh escaped the males mouth. i hovered over the counter for a second, trying to figure out the reasoning.

"get a load of this, aish." he tilted his phone in my direction. fxxk, what do i do, what do i say ? i moved up to the screen and read the sequence of text messages :

san | contacts

you don't want to miss out on this hyung, everyone's going to be there !

idk, don't you think they'll be my exes there too??

come on, don't turn this down just cause of a silly ex

you can't change my mind, i'm not going

there's gonna be alcohol

you drive a hard bargain

so you'll come?

ugh.. do i have to bring anything??

technically, yes,, but it's nothing special

well then? what is it?

a date

the text cut off and continued below the screen. he pulled back the device and sighed, then began to reread the same dialog of messages for what seemed to be the third time. meanwhile, i was standing there, dumbfounded. only if i had the problem of being invited to a party, i thought. he has things easier than he thinks.

the male then looked up as if he had a light bulb shining above his head. it caught my attention.

"what if you came with me ?" he said with a sly smile. he knew what he was doing as he reached out for my bright yellow notepad. i was speechless, but knew i couldn't just stand there. i had to make my move, i couldn't let him get away.

he then took the pen that was attached to the pad and wrote down a name, number, and location, which i could assume was all his.

"i would love to join you," i said. the pure joy that he expressed after i said those 6 words was honestly over dramatic. i loved it. i barely knew him, but everything he did stunned me. i was in a trance the whole time he was near me.

he turned the notepad over to reveal what he had written. 'park seonghwa. 9149 prince st., the house with the fence and led lights blasting from it. 9 pm. ###-###-####' i hesitantly took the paper and lightly wadded it up, shoving it into a pocket. the male, or should i call him seonghwa, stood up then quietly asked, "so, your name ?"

my face flushed quickly as i rushed to say "yes, of course !.. y / n."

he grinned, and for a second i could swear i was trapped in his eyes. he grabbed the coffee cup that was now running low on it's drink. "i'll see you later then, y / n. it was great meeting you."

holy shit.

my palms were now sweaty and everything that had just occurred felt like a dream. this was either the best or worst start to a work shift i had ever had.

time cut - going home. 3 : 30 pm

finally, it was time to head home. every time my shift was over i felt as if i was an elementary school child, anticipating for the bell to ring, signalling it was time to leave. i hopped into my small gray car and sighed in relief that i had gotten today over with. my hand brushed over my pants pocket, reveling a crinkling sound. seonghwa's note.

i took the note out and smoothed it out. the text was still readable. i gazed at my phone and then back at the number he had written down on the note. i carefully put in the correct sequence of numbers and typed out a half-assed message.

seonghwa | contacts

hello! this is y/n, from the coffee shop, is this park seonghwa?

after staring and rewriting the same message multiple times, i decided to send it. i tossed my phone to the other seat and started the car up, driving home.

y / n's home

once i had arrived at 'my' house, i opened the door and walked inside. i was running on nothing more then a few hours of sleep and the same cup of coffee i'd get when i had the morning shift. as i walked towards my room i ran into my mother. we greeted with a casual smile, except things felt off today. me and both my parents never had the strongest relationship, but she didn't seem as genuine today.

i kept walking, none the less, only to be stopped by my mom's voice. i turned to face her.

"we need to have a serious talk, you, me, and your father."

i wanted to pass this off like it was nothing special, nothing too important, but bad thoughts flooded my mind. i tensed up, but responded with,

"okay, i'll be in the living room."

no comment. she turned and walked off like nothing had happened. i don't get how people can be so care free sometimes, but i guess she would come prepared with what to say with this little 'meeting' she now caused.

i dropped off a few things in my bedroom and headed to the living room, sitting down on the coach. minutes later my mom and dad entered the room together, looking disappointed. i took a deep breath and focused my eyes on the floor. after a few seconds of awkward silence, my dad oddly interrupted,

"y / n, before we say anything else, you know we both love you."

this was never a good sign. it took me longer then normal to give feedback, yet all i did was give him an unsure nod. my mom then chimed in.

"i'm just going to say it.." she said, a long sigh following after. "me and your father aren't going to be together anymore."

what ? what had just happened ? is what i thought she said true ? i had little time to process and endure this.

"since this is happening.. you're going to have to move out. we don't want to put you in this toxic environment any longer." she got choked up, then continued, "it is also about time you live on your own."

this was her breaking point, and mine too. we both burst into tears at the same time. the aura of the room was enough to make anybody do the same. deep down i understood everything almost perfectly, it was just difficult to accept. all i felt like doing was to cry and cry.

a few minutes later

i started packing all the necessary things i'd need into multiple bags. the tears didn't stop. my emotions came in waves and eventually i had to take a break from the packing. this led me to looking at my phone. 'one new message'.

seonghwa | contacts

hello! this is y / n, from the coffee shop, is this park seonghwa?

yes, ofc! thank you once again, this means the world to me

i stared at my phone for a while, and then something clicked. what if i asked to move in with seonghwa? no. i couldn't use him like that. he did owe me though, after all i have to pretend to be dating him after knowing nothing about him.

i decided to ask. a few minutes later, no reply. i hadn't lost hope yet, instead i went back to packing, even though i dreaded it. i left my ringer on so i could be notified when and if he would reply.

after a long while of stuffing everything i would ever need into bags, my phone went off. not just a small 'ding !', but someone was calling me. i checked the caller and it was none other than seonghwa.

should i answer it ? i panicked, unsure if i was willing to tell seonghwa what had just happened. soon enough the call would end, i was surprised he hadn't hung up on me yet.

"hello ?"

i answered it.

"hello !.. so, y / n.. why do you need to stay at my house ? you have a home, don't you ? someone else you could ask ?"

i sighed heavily, then vented. i explained everything in greater detail then i needed to. he was incredibly understanding, and sorry for me too. it was nice being able to talk to him calmly, even if it was about such a horrible topic.

"ahh, i see. i'm so so sorry."

"yeah," i coughed awkwardly, "so that's why i was wonde-"

"you can most definitely come over. any day, any night."

time skip. 6 : 30 pm

it was time. time to move into seonghwa's home. he definitely lived in a expensive neighborhood, with an expensive car parked outside, the whole 9 yards. i dragged the large plastic and other variety of bags outside without my parents knowing, then hastily shoved them inside my tiny car. everything fit snug inside the vehicle, although one more bag and the car whole pop open.

i started the car up, knowing my parents would likely hear it, then zoomed out of the place as fast as i could. my adrenaline was rushing. as i followed the instructions seonghwa had texted me to his home, i was surprised i didn't crash. my hands were sweaty, and in my back pocket my phone soon was blasting. i ignored the vibration, knowing that it was most definitely my parents.

minutes later i had arrived. the home was nothing less then you'd imagine it'd be. his two, maybe three, story building was architecturally beautiful. it was getting somewhat late, so the sky was dimming down, making it hard to see. i carefully stumbled up to the front door and before i could knock, the door flung open.

"you made it !" he exclaimed in a cheerful and high pitched scream. he was smiling ear to ear, trying to spread his joy to me. he could tell i was worried or something of the sort. i was partially shaking and on top of that he knew everything that happened to my formal home. the thoughts built up inside my mind, but i tried to focus on seonghwa's happiness.

"of course i did !" i said, wrapping my arms around the taller male's chest. i leaned into him, his warm embrace making my mood flop, as well as the butterflies in my stomach. "thank you, i could never repay you." his contagious smile spread to my own face.

i loosened my grip, then he lightly pulled me forward. "please, make yourself at home." the door behind us slammed. i stopped myself from stepping ahead and confronted him.

"all my things are in my car-" i jutted. he then quickly assured me that he had everything i would ever need here. i trusted him, though it would be nice having my own items, i wasn't about to argue with someone who was essentially letting me stay at his own home. for free.

"have you ate today ?" he said as we entered the kitchen. that's when i realized i hadn't eaten anything but that morning coffee, if you'd even count that as food. i wasn't really 'hungry', but couldn't go without eating.

"i haven't ate much, but it's okay. i'm not hungry." i tried smiling, yet it obviously came off as a blatant lie. he opened a couple of cupboards, reveling my personal favorite brand of instant noodles. my mouth almost started watering. how'd he know what i liked ? i thought. he gave me a quick glare, and i nodded in agreement.

i pouted, he could read me like a book. my pouting triggered a small laugh from him. his voice was pure, sounding like honey even when laughing. quickly he had prepared a boiling pot, fumes of ramen engulfed the kitchen. i sat down at the dinning table and reached in my back pocket for my phone. 8 calls from my mom, 8 from my dad. don't get me started on the overwhelming text messages. i didn't bother reading them for a second, and like hell i was going to call either of them.

a little while later and seonghwa had came by, placing a bowl of ramen before me. i gasped in awe and starting eating. i didn't know how hungry i was until i had actually starting eating. he made it so well, it was impressive how well he could cook, even if it was a simple instant noodle dish. i wanted to express my gratitude, he truly didn't have to do this for me, but my mouth was busy taking large bites of the meal.

"this is amazing, seonghwa..!" i said after stuffing my face with more and more of it. he then sat down next to me, continuing to eat his own bowl.

"hungry hm ? you're a bad liar, you know ? if you need anything from me then ask." i let his words sink in. i wanted to complain, but there was no need to. i felt bad for clinging onto him like i was hopeless, but i truly was at that moment. he was right, but instead of responding i finished all the food he had given me.

he got up after finishing his own and took the bowls to the sink. i got up and he grabbed me by the wrist, leading me to the second floor. i didn't hold back and instead followed with great interest. he lead me to a clean and neat bedroom. it clearly wasn't his because the area was so empty, it must've been a guest room. he let go of my wrist and i wandered around curiously.

"like it ?" he said, i wasn't looking in his direction but could tell he was slightly smiling. i nodded.

"it's great." my eyes bounced around the room.

"good." seonghwa added. after exploring the place, i returned to him. i looked down on me, locked into my eyes as i was his. in such little time i had grew to adore him. he then gradually licked his lips, placing his hand on the side of my face. everything went into slow motion as our lips brushed against each others, then forming into a full out kiss.

this sadly did not last long, as he refrained from kissing me after a second of realization. he must've remembered that i was only a pretend date, a fake figure that only was going to a party with him and nothing more. this did prove my theory though. all along he did care for me on a deeper level, but i still wasn't sure how to get him to admit his true feelings and intentions. that was for another day, though.

"sleep well." he said. his breath pelted my neck. it tingled through my body, yet i enjoyed the feeling. he frantically stood there, unsure of what to do next until he walked out. i wanted to pull him back him and continue what had stopped so soon. his lips touching mine, mine touching his. i wanted him to want me, to need me. i deeply sighed and collapsed in the bed. it was needless to say quite comfortable, and sooner or later i crashed. after a long day of drama and working, i knew i'd be sleeping for hours on end that night.

[ REALLY BAD CUT IM SORRY I SAID ITS A WIP OKAY,, here's some notes that sum this section up : seonghwa drives her to the party and then party things happen. they get drunk and hwa ends up confessing his love for her which she remembers when she becomes sober. let's just say some other things happen while their drunk. the next morning y / n catches someone from the party spreading rumors abt how hwa doesn't care for y / n, saying that he talked bad abt her. she gets heated and goes to stay at a hotel. hwa desperately calls + texts her and checks for her everywhere. he tracks her down by her phone and he's now a 'changed' person,, you'll see what i mean.]

the hotel i was now staying at wasn't the nicest, but with the help of seonghwa's money i had lended from him, i could stay the night away from him. as i walked through the many hallways, it seemed as if the tapping of footsteps repeated behind me. it didn't bother me, i needed rest and to clear my head.

as i entered my room, i tried slamming the door behind me but to my surprise someone reached out for it. i didn't react at first and headed straight for the bed. the plush feeling of the blankets was what i needed after having my heart broke into two, but i couldn't focus on that now.

in the small, dorm-like room i felt at ease for once, when all of a sudden the door creaked open and i stared at it in awe. my first thought was that it was a ghost, but a figure started walking into my room. the room was practically pitch black, but i recognized him almost right away. his familiar scent, the way he glared at me, and his clothing : a black suit with a silk red tie. he flicked the light on.

"i thought you had left a long while ago.." i said, giving him an upsetting look, yet admiring him from afar. the way his suit held his body perfectly and how he pulled it off so well amazed me. he must of dressed up all nicely thinking it would make me forgive him. for how rich he was at his age, this was a cheap move.

seonghwa giggled slightly, knowing he was getting on my last nerve. he had tracked me down someway, somehow, just 'cause he was dedicated to winning me over. this had been going on for what seemed like forever now.

"i couldn't let you stay here alone." he said with a heavy tone, his tongue tracing over his lips after he spoke. my eyes rolled, but i didn't bother kicking him out. since the very beginning of this mess we'd created, he felt like he always had to be by my side, yet never admitting it. he was honestly a genuine and sweet person, but now, i can only view him negatively. seeing him like this made me wonder what his next move would be, his actions constantly left me on edge.

he slowly approached closer to the frame of the bed, our eyes locked. his glare was sly and dangerous, not a good match to my unimpressed one. his hand motioned me to come close to him, and i obeyed. his hand then grabbed my jawline as he pulled my face to his. i teasingly gasped and flinched, chills running up and down my body. i wanted to pretend to not need him, but he would drag me back in over and over again. we both loved playing this never-ending game on each other.

i slid my hand down his body, feeling his tense muscles show through the suit, and then lower. our lips collided and we passionately started to kiss. he dominated me quickly, his lips over laying mine. we both eventually let go of each other to take a quick breath. i could feel him breathing heavily, his heart racing. when seonghwa was ready, he went back in for another round, this time his tongue taking over. i was so shocked at first i had bit down on his lower lip. his expression showed he was clearly offended in some way, yet he was somehow smirking. he gently pulled back from the kiss and quietly whispered into my ear :

"you can't push me away forever, baby,"

and then quietly laughed, like all this was a joke to him.

i didn't respond and instead let him explore me further. he took this opportunity to start implanting hickeys, first at my neck, then lower. as his mouth was focused on my neck, his hands lifted my shirt and bra clean off. my eyes widened from shock. eventually, i calmed down and realized where these action were leading us to.

i leaned my head back in enjoyment, trying not to let out moans of pleasure. he slowly let go of me to toss the clothing away, removing everything that was left on me.

"don't pretend you don't want me. call my name, don't hold back." seonghwa teased.

his breath was warm and soothing, yet his intentions were dangerous. i leaned towards him, letting him know that i wanted more. he slowly traveled down my chest, leaving kisses as he went. he had gotten more sloppy with the wet kisses the longer he continued. i grasped his smokey gray hair and pulled him off me. he wiped his moist lips and looked into my eyes with concern.

he backed off for a second, thinking i had enough. in a strange way, he was polite. he respected anyone and everyone. he didn't want to ruin his chances of getting back together, so he cautiously teased me. little did he know, i wanted more.

i taunted him with my pxxxy, massaging it and moaning heavily, eyeing him every so often. i tried to drag him back in, just like he had done to me. he smirked and looked up and down my body with great interest. at this point we both knew that we could go all night.

as i waited for him, he pulled down his pants and then his boxers. by no surprise, he was incredibly stiff and went straight to stroking his dxxk. soon enough his suit jacket and shirt were removed. he pulled me to him and put my ankles on both his shoulders. from his pov he could see everything that he had made of me. i felt exposed and revealed, yet it didn't matter 'cause i put my full trust into the much stronger male.

instead of entering me, he took 2 fingers and shoved them into me. forcefully, he pumped the fingers at a quick rate. my eyes rolled back, expect this time i wasn't annoyed by seonghwa. after this night, my perspective of seonghwa had changed completely. the moans got progressively louder, so loud that his other hand was now placed on my mouth. his hands had a strong cologne fragrance that i was now inhaling.

i moaned his name, "seonghwa, ahh.," between breaths like he told me to, though it had gotten muffled by his large hands. 'if this was how i was before his dxxk, i'm going to be a mess later', i thought to myself. out of the blue, i could feel my stomach clench around his fingers and without warning i came on him. the sensation tingled my entire body.

"aish, y / n.." he pulled out and licked his fingers clean. on the bed i was clearly struggling below him. without hesitation he crawled on top of me and kissed me softly all over the upper half of my body. my slight moans turned to giggles as he showed obvious care an affection for me. "i'm sorry, y / n," he began, "you're safe with me, always."

this type of behavior rarely was spoken of. seeing seonghwa assure me that i was okay was really all i needed. just moments after, he said, "are you ready ?" then chuckled. i could feel his deep breath on my skin. i was confused then looked around and saw his friend leaning into me where my cxxt was. he progressively got harder as he spoke to me.

he turned me over without hesitation and proceeded with his plan. my nails dug into the sheets of the bed. soon enough i was getting destroyed by seonghwa. he did not hold back unlike the previous times, he had snapped. my grip became tighter as he speed up.

for a while after, our bodies were one, but everything came to a halt as he was about to cxm. he pulled out and then turned me over gently, letting everything out onto my chest. i caught up with my breath then grabbed his member, bringing it towards me. the hotel's sheets were now gradually painted with cxm stains.

a few minutes later

we both smiled for a while, taking in the view of each other and what seonghwa had made of me, both relaxing and toning down for the rest of the night. my neck was now a variety of purples and reds. sooner or later, we both collapsed and slept. his warm embrace was a nice change to sleep next to. i was used to long nights of being alone, cold, unwanted in my parents house.

in the morning i woke up feeling utter shock. i panicked and first thought everything that happened was just a wet dream, but by turning to my side i saw seonghwa. i wasn't sure how to act, so i gathered up to courage to wake him up. "seonghwa.. wake up." i whispered, slightly shaking him. he woke up and peaked to see me above the sheets. "y / n.." his deep and almost scary morning voice hit different. "last night.." he continued, "was the best night i've ever had."

he let out a long yawn and placed his arm over his eyes for a brief moment. i lifted the covers off myself and sat on the edge of the bedside. "mhm.. i'm going to go take a shower.." i could still feel the after effects of last night somehow. "without me ?" he teased, a small smirk forming on his face. i giggled then grabbed him by the wrist, shoving us both into the bathroom.


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