Dear July,

Not to sound cliché af, but you've tried to be the best you could be to me, but unfortunately I succumbed to the classic it's me not you syndrome. With everything going on today, seeing discrimination in all forms, inequality and much more, having fall victim to one of the many evils in this world, hits hard. So hard that maybe some of us need to get the smallest taste of that harsh reality we see on the news every day for something to resonate in us that this is not okay. How can people think this is okay? Bear with me as I take you on a journey with me on two instances where I have felt the effects of classism, racism and belittlement.

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On both occasions this month, it forced me to question my worth and what's the harm if we are all equal? Incident 1 was so uncalled for to being with and being talked down on for following rules laid out, to see the reason they talk down to you in the first place was because of your skin colour. Topped off by seeing the same individuals who talked down to you, break a few rules that we were just assumed of not following. People often say the word is not a nice place, nor does it owe you anything.... I guess kindness and decency falls within that scope. Incident 2 after my morning run with some friends this morning, we stopped off by a nearby restaurant to grab something to eat after our workout. The attitude received because we asked how the ordering process worked was not welcoming at all. Only until we made our way to place the orders did I understand the very ill-mannered welcomed we received. I'm not sure if it's because we were in our workout clothes or a very 'realistic extreme,' that they perceived us as not being able to afford our meal because of the colour of our skin. Being placed in a position where you feel like your worth and your value is question because of how you're dressed and your ethnicity confounds me. The most insulting part of it all, is when your value as a human to a certain minority in their eyes are not the same as their own life, their pets, guns... you name it. I think that's when it hits you, the reasons we're still seeing photos displayed on the news, on social media, in this very article.....until we condition our new generations mind to a world full of love and peace ....we will forever be stuck in a world filled with hate.

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Thank you July for the wake up call, I would be a liar if I said I wasn't feeling demotivated about everything within myself from what I had to face this month. Tho I am in no mind space to place an inspirational quote to this context.... I will in this time remember and stand in solidarity with all those who like me in whatever manner and form been voiceless and oppressed.

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